A Life Divided
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The Great Escape - Winter Edition

The Great Escape - Winter Edition

Release : 2013-11-15

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Digipak 2 CD













programming, keys, guitar


2015-04-06 AT Wien

2015-04-09 DE Magdeburg

2015-04-10 DE Leipzig

2015-04-17 DE Bochum

2015-04-18 DE Göttingen

2015-04-23 DE Saarbrücken

2015-04-24 DE Freiburg

2015-04-25 CH Zürich

2015-04-30 DE Schwerin

2015-05-02 DE Siegen

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“An escape can be motivated by emotions, by anger, by liberation, by resignation or by hope – and usually it is somewhere in between.”, says Jürgen Plangger, singer and songwriter from A LIFE DIVIDED and takes us right into the central theme of the new album “The Great Escape” due on January 18th.


Their music is an enthralling mixture of rock-songs touched by EBM kissed by a philosopher! …and it has taken the band on a successful journey: the single “Heart on Fire” made it up to number 1 in the Amazon Download Charts and A LIFE DIVIDED  was  elected Best Newcomer 2011 from the listeners of a big German radio station, Rock Antenne. Fair enough, a supporting tour with Apocalyptica followed as well as  sold out club-shows and several Summerfestivals made them bigger step by step.


The Great Escape” is an honest and authentic piece of music that hits you right there where you hide your deepest emotions.

“Every one of us has these thoughts about escaping, no matter what the motivation is. The problem is that most people don’t allow themselves the liberty to break through the social chains they impose on themselves. Many people dream of breaking loose from their partnership, their job, the daily routine, their social and political commitments. Some of us are forced into situations and surroundings through circumstances they can’t change on their own. No matter what the personal fate - at least once in our lifetime everyone of us has the desire to leave everything behind and start a new life.” says Jürgen.

A LIFE DIVIDED also sing about political refugees, people who are forced to flee from their country and their homes even sometimes to leave their families into a future unforseen. 



“The Great Escape” has been recorded and produced by Erik Damköhler und Jürgen Plangger, mixed by Tue Madsen (Antfarm Studios), mastered by Mikka Jussila (Finnvox).


A LIFE DIVIDED - The Great Escape - Winter Edition

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Digipak 2 CD



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A LIFE DIVIDED - The Great Escape

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