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Since the very beginning ALMAH has been in the focus of metalheads’ attention worldwide. Not only because the band was established as a project of the present ANGRA’s singer and hit maker Edu Falaschi, front man of the Brazilian metal legend over the last 10 years, but also because ALMAH has always involved excellent musicians and production crew. The first two studio albums, Almah (2007) and Fragile Equality (2008), were accepted well both by the fans and media. And last, but not least, counting five years of history, ALMAH turned from a solo project into an actual band, with its own language, style and identity. This time the musicians are proud to present ALMAH’s 3rd studio effort, MOTION, and the sound of this album is as solid and consolidated as the band itself nowadays.  
MOTION was recorded in São Paulo, Brazil, at Norcal Studios in May-June 2011, and was again produced by Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli. The material was composed, arranged and recorded very fast, but it doesn’t mean that any detail slipped away from attention. ALMAH worked with great inspiration and each band member contributed to the basic parts, arrangements and songwriting.
Besides Edu Falaschi, there are his ANGRA mate Felipe Andreoli (bass), Berklee-graduated guitar wizard Marcelo Barbosa, powerhouse drummer Marcelo Moreira and a master of fast solos and heaviest riffs, Paulo Schroeber, who can play everything from thrash metal to jazz and fusion.

Despite of the fact that since the very beginning ALMAH experimented with heavier and aggressive parts in the vein of melodic metal, MOTION is an album full of surprises, and the main one is that ALMAH is not a typical melodic metal band anymore! The musicians tried to tread a new, more modern way, without losing ALMAH’s recognizable touch with those shredding solos, romantic and strong powerful vocal lines among heavy guitar riffs, groovy bass and swift drums. Many special features have been used for this CD. The guitar parts were recorded with 7-strings instruments, half-step down (B flat), and the rhythm guitars were played four times for extra punch. No wonder that the result is very solid and heavy! Also, in ALMAH, Edu Falaschi has an opportunity to present his natural vocal range and style – heavy, strong, with use of various techniques including some aggressive ones. This time the band has reached the optimal balance between heavy, modern metal sound and beautiful and catchy melodies. Edu Falaschi has already stated that this CD is probably the best one in his whole discography.
Another surprise - MOTION is not a concept album from the common point of view. Every song tells its own story, but at the same time all of them have something related to movement, change and evolution. No fairytales or hidden stories here, everything is real and direct, and about people's real life. The cover artwork was created by Edu Falaschi himself with his iPhone, using some applications to create that motion effect, which was later edited by Felipe Andreoli. The material was mixed and mastered at Split Second Sound Studios in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Jochem Jacobs (Textures) in July 2011.
A little history: the first self-titled ALMAH album was released in 2006/2007 worldwide. Besides singing Edu Falaschi also produced the record, composed all the songs and wrote all the lyrics. He recorded acoustic guitars and keyboards and created all the arrangements for every instrument, including orchestrations. At that moment, ALMAH presented a solo project of Edu Falaschi with a few invited stars: Emppu Vuorinen (guitars – Nightwish), Lauri Porra (bass – Stratovarius) and Casey Grillo (drums – Kamelot). It got excellent reviews in many important rock magazines and websites worldwide. Inspired by the success of the first studio work Edu Falaschi turned this project into a real band with permanent line up. In the beginning of 2008 ALMAH started working at the second studio album, “Fragile Equality” released on September/October 2008 worldwide. The album got various awards in Brazil and many excellent reviews in mass media around the globe. The Fragile Equality Tour finished in June 2010. And in the beginning of 2011 the musician started to compose songs for the 3rd CD…
After the release of MOTION on September 16th in Brazil, October 14th in Europe and October 19th in Japan and the rest of Latin America, ALMAH starts the massive MOTION Worldwide Tour. It is logical that this mega trip begins in the homeland of musicians, in Brazil, to expand the “Motion” effect to other countries of the world in the beginning of the next year.

ALMAH - Motion

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Media: CD

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