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Release : 2010-09-17

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They are music fans, passionate visitors of festivals, ardent musicians. Music has always been a very important part of the lives of the five guys from ATHORN.
They know well each other, meet often in Hannover´s metal and concert scene and are jamming together. Every one of them had played in stylistically very different bands. Till autumn in 2008:
They remarked soon that the chemistry was right between singer Carsten Frank, guitarists Stefan Schönebeck and Tobias Liedke, drummer Sören Becker and bassist Thomas Maiwald.
Despite they are influenced by very different styles of music - or perhaps just because of that – they complement each other to a perfect mixture of grooving rhythms, monolithic riffs, sophisticated sound structures and thrilling guitar work which reminds on a modern and developed version of old SANCTUARY or NEVERMORE.
They called the band ATHORN and were more mature and professional right from the start than others after umpteen years of career.
No wonder, cause the five ATHORNs know since their beginning how their project shall work. Professional experiences due to their jobs in the music industry together with this fresh euphoria that is only immanent in real rock fans formed a perfect symbiosis.
ATHORN´s music is professional, versed, fresh and energetic at the same time.

Their first EP “Livable Hatred” was released in September 2009 as own production. Within a few weeks after the release, ATHORN were on everyone´s lips and signed a contract with AFM Records. They play regularly concerts since then and it isn´t extraordinary that each of them is visited by several hundreds meanwhile.
Also lots of top musicians are impressed with this rising new band:

“That sounds really fantastic”, commends Nevermore´s Jeff Loomis

“Everyone in the band sounds very strong and the songwriting is great”, adds Jasun Tipton from Zero Hour

And Fuchs from Die Apokalyptischen Reiter says appreciative: “I`ve nothing heard for a long time that delighted me like this!”

On September 17th the band´s official debut “Phobia”, which was recorded and mixed in Waveland Studios in June and July, will be released through AFM Records.
The album thematically deals with human fears and phobias. And also the metal world should really pay attention: With ATHORN a high explosive newcomer is on its way!

ATHORN - Phobia

AFM CD 329-2

Release Date: 2010-09-17

Media: CD



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