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Release : 2013-11-29

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    vocals, guitar, violin




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November 29th will see the release of BLACK MESSIAH’s new album “Heimweh”. For the first time ever, the “Ruhr Vikings” chose a title in their native German language for their 6th effort now.
After "First War Of The World" (2009), which marked the band’s first concept album and 2012’s “The Final Journey” (incl. the epic “Naglfar” saga in 4 parts), BLACK MESSIAH quickly managed to write new material. Again they cleverly and in a unique way combine folk instrumentation with blackened Pagan Metal, with great focus on every single detail. “Heimweh” is the band’s most epic release whose 7 songs (+ intro) are clocking in at almost 52 minutes. BLACK MESSIAH have delivered another incredible album, which is (again) very hard to compare with any other band out there.
In the first years after their foundation in 1992, BLACK MESSIAH stylistically mainly paid tribute to their black metal idols before trying to search for their own sound. The debut album "Spectres Of Black Knowledge" (1998) showed Black Messiah turn more and more towards folk and classical elements. No wonder, bandleader Zagan is a classically trained musician. The next few years Zagan used to refine the BLACK MESSIAH sound, then in 2005 the second album "Oath Of Warrior" was released. It was met with very positive feedback and BLACK MESSIAH established themselves as one of the most respected bands in the German pagan scene. Several concerts, festival appearances and a European tour with the Irish band Cruachan followed afterwards. Their excellent reputation and very professional work ethic saw the band build an ever since steadily.growing fan base. And so it happened that BLACK MESSIAH signed a deal with AFM Records in 2006. The third work, "Of Myths And Legends" was released later that year and secured enthusiastic reviews. BLACK MESSIAH went on European tour with Tyr and Odroerir, and numerous festival gigs (Summer Breeze, Ragnarök 4, Pagan & Viking Festival Pt. II, Fiesta Pagana) were following. In 2009 BLACK MESSIAH release their next album "First War Of The World", which was their first ever concept album. The here told story of the epic battle between Aesir and Vanir documented impressively that BLACK MESSIAH also dominate this terrain perfectly. Many more shows followed and the band's popularity rose steadily. The concept aspect was kept up with “The Final Journey” (2012), which featured BLACK MESSIAH’s version of the “Naglfar Saga”. With “Heimweh”, the band once again proved that they are one of a kind, a unique band that let’s the music do the talking.


AFM 471-2

Release Date: 2013 - November - 29

Media: CD

BLACK MESSIAH - The Final Journey

AFM DCS 353-7

Release Date: 2012-02-24

Media: CD/DVD Set

BLACK MESSIAH - First War Of The World

AFM CD 236-2

Release Date: 2009-03-20

Media: CD

BLACK MESSIAH - Of Myths And Legends

AFM CD 140-2

Release Date: 2006-11-17

Media: CD

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