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One Night Of Blood

One Night Of Blood

Release : 2016-02-12

Media :
DVD/CD Digipak


Patrik Johansson:

lead vocals

Tomas Olsson:

lead and rythm guitars

Fredrik Bergh:

keys and backing vocals

Henrik Olsson:

rhythm guitars

Pelle Åkerlind:

drums and percussion

Anders Broman:


Two years after their latest album “In The Name Of Metal”, Swedish power metallers BLOODBOUND return with “Stormborn”, their possibly best piece of work to date. It definitely marks the most bombastic and well-produced album in the band’s discography, delivering metal hymns of exceptional class.
“It took a while to get where we are now with this album”, keyboard player Frederik Bergh reflects. “We were aiming for a special sound and it feels great that we have achieved that. The whole team was very passionate and our engineer Jonas Kjellgren did a fantastic job. We couldn’t be more happy with “Stormborn”.
In fact, BLOODBOUND’s new album combines the band’s typical Iron Maiden/HammerFall-influenced sound with bombastic elements, like known from Sabaton or Powerwolf. BLOODBOUND keep their tracks melodic all the time and vary speed, heaviness and sounds. The band has impressively refined their formula and appears more confident and stronger than ever. Songs such as “Iron Throne”, the stomping title track “Stormborn” and “When The Kingdom Will Fall” are pure epicness, “Made Of Steel” and “Satanic Panic” personify metal to the bone and “Nightmares From The Grave” even comes up with folkish melodies and a children’s choir. BLOODBOUND have never sounded better.

BLOODBOUND was founded in summer 2004 by Tomas Olsson and Fredrik Bergh. Quickly they recorded a demo and got a contract for Europe and Asia instantly. The debut “Nosferatu” was released in 2006 to critical acclaim. Consequently they played shows with bands like Sabaton, Arch Enemy, Pretty Maids and Evergrey. But 2006 was also characterized by line-up changes which didn’t pass unnoticed, particularly as singer Urban Breed left BLOODBOUND after the tour to focus on his solo project.

But soon Michael Bormann (ex-Jaded Heart) was found to fill the gap and so the second album “Book Of The Dead” was recorded and released in 2007. But shortly after the release of „Book Of The Dead“ it became obvious - Michael´s  other obligations did not leave him enough time for BLOODBOUND. To play the already booked shows they could convince Urban Breed to return to the band. And it became more than some gigs. Urban stayed for another tour supporting HammerFall and recorded the next album „Tabula Rasa“ with the band on which more modern and hard elements have been added to BLOODBOUND’s sound. Numerous festival shows as well as another tour with HammerFall followed.

But in 2010 the band parted ways with Urban Breed again. On their search for a new vocalist the remaining members luckily found Patrik “Pata” Johansson (Dawn Of Silence), who quickly became a great new singer, a frontman, a friend.

The chemistry was just right and the first album of the new line-up (“Unholy Cross“, 2011) is the definitive proof. “”In The Name Of Metal”, released in November 2012 continued in this vein and BLOODBOUND played tours with U.D.O. and Brainstorm, as well as many festival.

Adding “Stormborn” now to their discography, it seems like BLOODBOUND will be talk of the scene for quite a while. 



Bloodbound - One Night Of Blood

Release Date: 2016-02-12

Format: DVD/CD Digipak

AFM 5637

BLOODBOUND - Stormborn

AFM 497-9




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BLOODBOUND - Book Of The Dead

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