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Black Death

Black Death

Release : 2011-06-10

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The Hamburg-based death metal band BURIED IN BLACK was founded in early 2008 by Ben Liepelt (ex Mad Doggin) and Ron Brunke (ex Nayled). The Band got completed in the following months by Torsten Eggert (ex Dark Age), Sören Teckenburg and Etienne Belmar (ex Undercroft / Lobotomy).

During the first song-writing process BURIED IN BLACK used the time to combine the strengths of their members.

"We all come out of differently oriented metal bands. This variety of facets, combined with the influences of the old death metal grandmasters, have formed our sound”, says vocalist Ron Brunke.

The first 7-track demo "Arms Of Armageddon" was recorded in 2009 in the "Kick That ..." Studio of Mark Geiger. Metal Hammer Germany awarded this first work of BURIED IN BLACK “demo of the month” in its issue May issue of 2010.

BURIED IN BLACK already have a good “live” history, convincing as support act for bands like Maroon, Disbelief, Maintain, Dark Age, and All That Remains. At the end of 2010 the band signed with AFM Records and went to the "Recorder" Studio Hamburg. Together with Hamburg scene veteran “Bunker”, who was responsible for the mixing, the brand created their debut album "Black Death".

Guitarist Ben Liepelt: "It was very important for us that the album sounds like us and the real energy comes across as we deliver it in our live shows. We did not want an edited-to-death plastic production. There is a real band playing and you can hear that."


AFM CD 347-2

Release Date: 2011-06-10

Media: CD



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