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Release : 2012-07-20

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The band around former SAVATAGE singer Zak Stevens already presents their 5th studio album these days. Titled “Consequence Of Power”, the newest effort of CIRCLE II CIRCLE once again amazes with first class Power Metal that beside Zak´s soaring vocals comes up with razor-sharp guitar licks and the perfect dose of power. In their newest conceptual effort, the band has created another fascinating story.
“Consequence Of Power” is stylistically in line with the band´s previous albums and again shows new facets. The slightly more modern continuation of Savatage´s sound can still be found in CIRCLE II CIRCLE. This way Zak not only continues the legacy of his former band but carries the torch but also follows his own artistic vision. Tracks like the opener “Whispers In Vain”, the speedy title track, the heavy riffing “Out Of Nowhwere” and the Savatage-like (remember “Hall Of The Mountain King” or “Taunting Cobras”?) “Redemption” lead you directly to the grande finale, “Blood Of An Angel”, which again comes up with vocal melodies that will make the Savatage fan cry out in joy. “Consequence Of Power” is a must-have for every rock & metal fan!

For a period of eight years from 1992 until August 2000, Zachary Stevens was the mere infallible lead singer of power metal legends Savatage. His huge vocal range, controlled crafts and thrilling energy guaranteed splendid gigs night after night, every single show worthy of a live album. The young man from South Carolina accomplished something absolutely unique in five decades of rock history. Coming into play as a real rookie, he followed the charismatic and vocally incomparable Jon Oliva as Savatage´s lead singer without getting even a slight complaint from the longtime 'tage fans.

The polishing of the uncut diamond happened early during his childhood. His ambitions to play drums at an early age led to lead him to join a Kiss cover band when he was only nine years old. Filling both the drummer and lead vocalist roles, he was light years ahead of any auditioning singers. After recording four outstanding albums with Savatage, Zak left the band rather silently in the fall of 2000.
During winter time 2002/2003 the family man started his comeback, logically supported by his musical family Savatage. Songwriting genius Jon Oliva and guitarist Chris Caffery co-wrote with Zak the songs for the brilliant Circle II Circle debut "Watching in Silence". Zak acted as producer of his new band and realized his dreams by hammering away the drum tracks of a long play album for the very first time in his career.
The album earned glorious reviews all over the hard rock and heavy metal planet. It was among the top 3 positions worldwide in most magazine's annual reader polls as "Best Newcomer Act" and even entered the sales charts in several countries.
The production of the second second CIIC record, "The Middle Of Nowhere", features Zak´s talents even more intensively, taught to him by Jon Oliva and Paul O'Neill's super-advanced master's school of power composition, production and improvisation.
The sacred atmosphere around Circle II Circle´s "Burden Of Truth" album (2006) has gained more weight than anticipated since its release last year. The conceptual album, inspired by the books "The Da Vinci Code" and "Holy Blood Holy Grail", takes on a life of its own with Zak's powerful and highly expressive vocal-approach placing himself in the middle of the story as the main-character.
2008 saw CIRCLE II CIRCLE release their 4th album, "Delusions Of Grandeur", which
received amazing praise in the media and was very well-accepted by all fans of the band. In fall 2008 the band brought on board new guitarist Bill Hudson (to replace Evan) and embarked on a US tour together with Jon Oliva's Pain.

Now “Consequence Of Power” marks the next chapter in CIRCLE II CIRCLE´s history. Don´t miss the band on their upcoming European tour with Primal Fear this September/October!


AFM 409-3 Do-CD

Release Date: 2012-07-20

Media: 2-CD



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