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Release : 2011-02-18

Media :
CD / Digipak


Laura Binder:
    lead vocals

András Ficzek:
    guitars / lead vocals

Mátyas Németh-Szabó:

István Molnár:

Tadeusz Rieckmann:
    drums / harsh vocals

Barnabás Ungár:
    keyboards / harsh vocals

The roots of the hungarian folk metal band DALRIADA reach back to the year of 1998, when forming member and band leader András Ficzek started a heavy metal band in the West-Hungarian town of Sopron. In the following years he gathered several young and talented musicians to follow his vision of heavy metal combined with death, thrash and most important folk metal elements.

After the first years of experimenting, DALRIADA was formed in Sopron in February 2003 with the intention of combining metal and Hungarian folklore, thus fostering the incredibly rich heritage of Hungarian folk art. Due to the broad range of influences some elements of death and gothic metal found their way into the band’s unique style.

The word „Dalriada” is the historical name of the first kingdom of the Scots, but based on some linguistic studies it may have an ancient Hungarian origin with the meaning of “battle-song”. In the first years the band called itself “Echo Of Dalriada” in order emphasize the Hungarian meaning, but at the beginning of 2007 the name was simplified to “Dalriada”.

All the lyrics are in Hungarian and sometimes use the works of the famous Hungarian poet Janos Arany. Here again authenticity and their Hungarian heritage is most important to the band. Lyrics and music form an artistic unity.

After the first demo called "A Walesi Bárdok" the first album „Jégbontó” was available in November 2004. In February 2006 the sophomore album „Fergeteg” has been released followed by „Kikelet” in March 2007. The fourth album „Szelek” opened second place in the Hungarian charts in April 2008. The year after DALRIADA has been nominated for the most important Hungarian music award, played stunning shows on almost every summer festival in Hungary and got more and more invitations from abroad. In September their fifth album called „Arany-Album” has been released on the day they supported the Hungarian Paganfest show. The album is dedicated to the Hungarian poet Janos Arany who has always had a strong influence on their music.

In 2010 they record their sixth album „Igéret” featuring a guest appearance by Korpiklaani singer Jonne. A videoclip for a new song is shot and DALRIADA inks it first international deal with AFM Recods.

After all the years the band is as ambitious as on their very first day and DALRIADA plans to hit the stages all over Europe in 2011 and of course, if possible, to get on the billings of the bigger European festival.

Let the Hungarian folk metal roll!


AFM CD 348-2

AFM CD 348-9

Release Date: 2011-02-18

Media: CD/ Ltd. Digipak





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