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A Matter Of Trust

A Matter Of Trust

Release : 2013-09-06

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DARK AGE present their seventh studio album. The five-piece from

Hamburg devotes themselves to Metal for 18 years now - but always seeing

the bigger picture.


In 2008 Metal Hammer Germany already approved that DARK AGE "are playing

the most modern Metal you can find these days - at least in Germany". Now

the five bandmates are taking this quote to higher level: The new record "A

Matter Of Trust" is pumping out of the speakers in the typical DARK AGE sound with hard drums, shredding guitar riffs and electronic elements. What is new, on the other hand is, that the main focus is on the song itself and its

hook line rather than on the riff - a development that started with "ACEDIA" in



"As an artist it is important for us to improve ourselves further. Music is motion

and inspiration" - states frontman Eike Freese. He continues: "After we started

working on the new album we realized that we are not able to tell

anything new to our fans with the traditional DARK AGE-ingredients anymore.

We told all the stories in the traditional Metalway." Eike explains: "In the songwriting process we realized: The more we allowed new influences, the easier it was for us to explore new avenues and to express ourselves." The long-lasting friendship, the confidence in each other and the mutual ability enabled this loophole. Furthermore: The more the band opened up to different ideas the more a central theme showed up: To focus on the song and not the technical ability.

What played into the bands hands was that there was no pressure of

time during the songwriting and recording process: The material came to

maturity and the band could try out different things over two years, as in

Freese's own "Hammer Studios" was always a gap to write and record. This is

why some of the songs just developed during the recording sessions, e.g. the

first single "Afterlife".


With this song the band put their new self conception right to the

test: Friendly bands like Eisbrecher, Killing Joke, Mono Inc., Zeromancer, Die

Krupps and Erode did remixes for this first output.


The logical consequence of the youngest DARK AGE-development is the album

title "A Matter Of Trust". Because everything is a matter of trust: Trust

in your own, trust in other people and the things around you.


DARK AGE have the courage to listen to their instincts and interpret their point

of view: Grasp the mantle for your own fate and acknowledgement of your

own value are issues of our time - and DARK AGE seize these topics.

"We feel confident that our fans are frank to walk the new musical way

together with us."


DARK AGE will present "A Matter Of Trust" live this year on a big tour

through Germany. Whoever saw the band live on both of their European Tours

or on one of their Wacken-gigs knows: This will be a celebration!




DARK AGE - A Matter Of Trust

AFM 392-9

Release Date: 2013-September-06


DARK AGE - Afterlife

AFM 392-5

Release Date: 2013-August-16


DARK AGE - Acedia

AFM CD  263-2

AFM CD  263-9

Release Date: 2009-11-13

Media: CD/ Ltd. Digipak


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