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Germany's Next Death Metal

Germany's Next Death Metal

Release : 2011-03-25

Media :
Ltd. Digipak


Thomas Gurrath:

Juli Paul:

Andreas Donadel:

Well, well, well? What the hell do we need to tell you about those bloody bastards from the south of Germany now, eh? Debauchery is a fucking war-machine. There’s no stopping them, and their bloody mission is to continue to kill, come what may! Enjoy this torturing new masterpiece from the most rocking Death Metal band on this god damned planet, or you‘re toast!!

“Continue To Kill“ is the fifth album from Debauchery and the fantastic follow-up to their successful blood spattered platter “Back In Blood”: more evil, more brutal, much faster. With the dynamic and powerful production of Dennis Ward (Angra, Krokus, Pink Cream 69) leant to a much heavier genre, “Continue To Kill“ is on its way to finally signaling a breakthrough for these German blood-busters…

“It seems that Debauchery have finally found the ultimate, deadly mixture“, said Frank Albrecht from the German Rock Hard Magazine after listening to the new record. “Surprisingly fast and aggressive“, uttered Peter Mildner from Legacy Magazine, whilst his guts were pressed hard against the wall in the listening session in the Ballroom, Hamburg recently. And it’s true…this platter taps into the heavier, faster side of the band, whilst milking the most ‘groovy‘ tracks yet written.

With guest musicians such as Tom Naumann (ex-Primal Fear), Schmier (Destruction & Headhunter) and Tomasz (ex-Belphegor), this record takes on a new slant.

Since the start in 2002 Debauchery has recorded and released: “Kill, Maim, Burn“, “Rage Of The Bloodbeast“, “Torture Pit“ and “Back In Blood”, but whilst Rock Hard Magazine wrote that “Torture Pit“ was the best Death Metal album recorded by a German band in 2006, and the band were compared with Cannibal Corpse (speed), Benediction (groove) and Hypocrisy (hymns), no one could have prepared for those critics for this release!

In 2003 Debauchery (tor)toured with Hate Plow and later with Napalm Death… In 2005, Six Feet Under, in 2006 with Dismember, in 2007 Debauchery were on the road with Moonsorrow,. but there‘s much more to come, this lot will get around to you eventually… If you’re bored by the average Death Metal releases out there on many of the other labels who think they‘ve got the only true band doing the rounds, then listen to “Continue To Kill”. This band is fucking DEATH METAL with no frills! Just pure power, aggression and guts!! The ideal soundtrack to your latest killing spree!

Check it out, enjoy and kill some suckers!!!

DEBAUCHERY - Germany's Next Death Metal

AFM CD 337-9

Release Date: 2011-03-25

Media: Ltd. Digipak

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