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Keep The Spirit

Keep The Spirit

Release : 2008-07-18

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Wine, women and song these guys must have thought about as they founded their band in 1999. It `s the Greek God of wine they have taken their name from and it `s the power and the good mood from a nice party evening they seem to express in their music. Dionysus are well-known and popular for their convincing and natural way of playing Melodic Power Metal.
So the original god of wine is a whole and dynamic band around the singer Olaf Hayer who is well known as the vocalist of Luca Turilli’s (Rhapsody) solo albums, former Sinergy drummer Ronny Milianowicz as well as the Nation guitarist and bassist Johnny Öhlin and Nobby Noberg. Last, but not least we have keyboard player Kaspar Dahlqvist who already backed up artists like Yngwie Malmsteen.

And, once again, who thinks “Oh no, please not another side project”, can put his mind at rest. Dionysus have proved to be a real band with a solid line up in the past few years. That’s why they `ve put three years of work in the band before they entered the studio to record first demo tapes which have been submitted to record companies in late 2001. After inking a deal with AFM Records, the debut CD “Sign Of Truth“ was recorded in the “Rhön Studios” in Fulda/Germany together with co-producer and supporter Tobias Sammet - the place where already CD’s from Edguy and Avantasia have been created & recorded. The mix has been done in the Area 51 Studios by Tommy Newton (Helloween “Keeper of the Seven Keys“ Part 1 + 2, Victory) himself.

After doing some local shows and festivals in the Scandinavian and German area, the band returned to the studio to record the successor album entitled "Anima Mundi". The new production has been done at Studio Kuling in Ólibru by Jens Bugrin and offers ten great new songs including the three hits "March For Freedom", "Divine" and the title track "Anima Mundi". The fantastic album cover artwork and the powerful sound will make this an outstanding release - a giant step forward in the band's career.

When having played some shows together with Doro, Saxon and Circle II Cirlce the band went back into the studio again to do some songwriting for the third and so far most mature and striking album: “Fairytales And Reality”.

The band itself could not be more enthusiastic with the result and also didn `t lose their humour over the last weeks of hard studio work. “This album is so good that you would throw away all other cds you got only to have this one”, mastermind Ronny Milianowicz smiles. “It will make you drink beer like crazy. It will make your neighbours your worst enemies. It will make you a true metal warrior.”
Or as their producer Jens Bogren would say: "They´ve gone from riding horses to riding bikes"!

Or as we can proudly announce: Dionysus have grown and present themselves stronger and yet fresher than ever before!

DIONYSUS - Keep The Spirit

AFM CD 226-2

Release Date: 2007-07-18

Media: CD

DIONYSUS - Fairytales And Reality

AFM CD 105-2

AFM CD 105-9

Release Date: 2006-09-22

Media: CD/ Ltd. Digipak

DIONYSUS - Anima Mundi

AFM CD 074-2

Release Date: 2004-01-19

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DIONYSUS - Sign Of Truth

AFM CD 057-2

Release Date:2002-11-18

Media: CD





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