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Gold Edition Vol. II

Gold Edition Vol. II

Release : 2010-11-19

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Sometimes flames can burn brighter than everyone expects them to.
Sometimes a little one can even set the whole world on fire.

There is this special one burning since 1996: Ever since Tobias Sammet, Tobias Exxel, Felix Bohnke, Dirk Sauer and Jens Ludwig can remember, they have had this dream of playing in a successful band. They are at the age of 14 when Tobias, Dirk and Jens find themselves together to play in the band for the first time. And they are around the age of 17 when their future should already be sealed. Though the guys are still rather young they exactly know what they want. They’ve always had a very clear vision of how their future should look like and they’ve always had their plan of how to realise this.

It is a warm summer day around noon somewhere in Cologne where the annual music trade fair Popkomm makes the town’s heart beat faster. The young Edguys are trying to reach the entrance of the trade fair, but since they are not really sure which way to go from the subway station they ask somebody for assistance who looks like a music industry professional. This is one of those moments in life that you wish for to come, and that happen, when you don't expect them to.
So while the young Edguys accompany the ’stranger’, the guy by chance introduces himself as founder of a freshly started new record label named AFM Records. "That’s good", the Edguys let him know immediately. "Because we are a young band searching for a record deal and this is our self-produced demo-CD." The demo is called Savage Poetry and already a couple of weeks later a record deal between Edguy and AFM Records was sealed.

One year later, with Kingdom Of Madness the first Edguy-album is ready to be released. It’s a more-or-less self-produced one and nobody really knows where it will lead band and label.

Another year later, with their second album Vain Glory Opera, the situation is a completely different one. Both, band and label, exactly feel that there is something in the air that is ready to create something big. Not only few metalheads have heard about Edguy in the meantime and not only a small percentage of them is fond of what they’ve heard. There obviously is something special behind this new band Edguy that makes them find their way into the heart of the metal-world.
They decide that this undefined something is worth the biggest try this young label has ever dared so far in its short history. With Blind Guardian's Hansi Kürsch a very popular guest singer can be convinced to sing along with Tobias, and with Stratovarius’ Timo Tolkki an equally famous expert can be found to do the mix of the album. The cooperation with Timo was actually settled during a promotional tour in Germany – Tobias had been accredited as journalist writing for the “Evil Message” magazine and went to his half hour interview session – bringing in a big tape recorder, but after a couple of minutes and questions, pretending to be a journalist, he came up with his original intention and played a couple of news songs to Timo who realized the potential of the Vain Glory Opera material and confirmed that he will mix the album.
And with this step the fire, set up in the probably hottest Popkomm moment ever, is ready to take over.
The pool of metalheads being so fond of this young band Edguy turns into a big mass of totally enthusiastic headbangers swearing they haven't heard anything as hot as Edguy for a very long time. Even the press, which raised a quite sceptic voice with the debut album, is convinced now. There is no doubt that there is a new star burning in the sky, and nowadays it's burning hotter than anyone could have imagined.

Of course, the band is ready to perform live after the success they gained with their second CD release. And of course the audience is ready to see them live. A tour together with Iron Savior is set up, but as the success is very fresh and there's not much money already earned, it turns out to be one of these legendary selfmade-tours that everybody will still talk about many years later.
The Edguys rent a little mobile home to have something to sleep in on this tour. It is winter and therefore pretty cold at night. After a few days all of the guys are sick. On top of that they couldn't afford a driver and had to drive the mobile home by themselves - night after night and from one city to the next all over Europe, except for the show in Athens, Greece. This city has luckily been reached by plane, but after the show the whole tour team had to take two days off since nobody really stood the Greek food. During the flight back to Stuttgart, one of the toilets on board of the plane even had to be closed for the rest of the flight after several people puked inside the restroom.

But after a few days it already becomes obvious that this legendary tour is definitely worth all the colds and sleepless hours. Edguy turn out to be the tour's surprise and there`s hardly no one not talking about them in these days.

Edguy had, considered from a today’s point of view, everything a good power metal band should have - and a lot more. They've created an excellent style of powerful, hymnic, melodic, bombastic, authentic and honest music, everybody can sing along with. And everybody loves to sing along with. Especially singer and band leader Tobias Sammet has given the band all of his strong and special charisma – based on his undying freshness, his extremely strong will and his excellent sense of humour.
"I always knew I wanted to become a musician", he says with a scamp's smile on his face. "So while all my class-mates were trying hard to learn as much as they can to get their school-graduation, I always knew that I wouldn't need any binomic formulars to headline the Wacken-Open Air festival."

After the band's break-through with Vain Glory Opera, albums such as Theater Of Salvation (coming out in 1999), Savage Poetry (being newly recorded and re-released in 2000) or Mandrake (available since 2001) and all the up-following tours alone or together with bands such as Hammerfall help increasing the fire this band has set free. Like some very few legends - Edguy could achieve world wide honour. The dedicated band from the region around Fulda, Germany that, only few years ago, was spreading self-made demos at the Popkomm trade fair, has become one of the most successful and influencing metal-acts of the past years. And their path is still leading them upwards.

With this best-of double album the listener can walk deep down into the Hall Of Flames Edguy have enlightened. With this album the sweeping flames of this band's beginning are captured to burn forever.
Along with one CD full of the first five albums' best tracks there is an extra-CD with so far mostly unheard bonus-material, demos as well as rare and unreleased video clips.
It’s also a view on Tobias Sammet's career, the most wonderful proof probably of someone starting off as the school's clown and ending as one of the biggest kings in the current music scene. Someone that definitely doesn't have to tell us something about binomic formulars to impress us deeply.

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