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Release : 2015-10-23

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CD, Ltd. Fanbox


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Consistency, integrity and quality are words that first comes to mind when you hear the name EKTOMORF. One and a half years after the “Black Flag” album, it’s time to welcome the newest piece of work by the band around charismatic frontman Zoli Farkas.

“Retribution” again is a first-class “fist in your face” album, displaying heavy grooves and sheer power in the best of ways. Refining and bringing things to perfection was the goal, and this has been achieved impressively.

On the song “Numb And Sick”, the band welcomes Ill Niño vocalist Cristian Machado as a guest, and his duet with Zoli give another new flavour to a record that clearly points out that EKTOMORF, even 20 years after its foundation in 1993, is still a raging, energetic force with the intensity of a bulldozer.

And the songs on “Retribution” will make their way into the band’s live set and become fan favourites quickly, be sure!

“Retribution” was again mixed and mastered y the band’s long time producer Tue Madsen (Antfarm studios).


EKTOMORF was founded in 1993 in Mezökovacsháza, Hungary, a small city near the Romanian border, by Zoltán "Zoli" Farkas. In the actual line-up Zoli - songwriter and mastermind of the band - is the only remaining founder member. The band is completed by Michael Rank (guitar), Szabolcs Murvai (bass) and Robert Jaksa (drums).


Due to his gipsy background Zoli saw himself confronted with racism and prejudices. But this didn’t hold the band back from establishing an international career. The breakthrough came, when EKTOMORF started their collaboration with Danish producer Tue Madsen in 2003. Madsen helped the band to find their very own, super fat, modern and powerful sound that EKTOMORF evolved since “Destroy” (2004) steadily.


EKTOMORF's lyrics reflect this situation and deal with discrimination, society, pain and anger but show a strong will to survive and overcome all problems. Their music combines the burning fire of the primal gipsy music with modern elements: groovy, down tuned guitar riffs and aggressive drums, supplemented by powerful and raw screaming vocals became their trademarks.

Regardless of all circumstances EKTOMORF established itself as one of the most successful Hungarian bands, well known for their intensive, energetic, mind blowing live shows. Playing extensive headliner tours and shows at the biggest European festivals (e.g. Wacken, With Full Force, Sziget, Rock am Ring) the band build up a strong fan base throughout Europe.


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