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Silent Revenge

Silent Revenge

Release : 2013-07-26

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Luri Sanson


Benhur Lima


Abel Camargo


Renato Osório


Eduardo Baldo

HIBRIA is a Brazilian Metal band, founded in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul / Brazil, in 1996. The band has been growing in Southern America quickly and paved the way to worldwide recognition.

HIBRIA signed their first record deal and released the debut album “Defying The Rules” shortly after. Just before, the album was made available in Japan, where HIBRIA quickly gathered a strong (and lasting) following which resulted in impressive sales figures straight away.
After line-up changes, HIBRIA returned with their second album "The Skull Collectors" in Spring 2008. Not that much had changed: the album (which was, just like the debut, produced by Marco and Diego) received rave reviews and led HIBRIA to play concerts in Japan, amongst others the huge Loudpark festival.

In 2010, the bassist Marco suddenly left the band, and Benhur Lima joined instead.  2011 saw HIBRIA release their the album “Blind Ride”.  Their live show at Stellar Ball in Shinagawa (Japan) was recorded for a live album. Renato Osorio replaces Diego Kasper on guitar, and the current band’s formation is set.  
In June 2012 HIBRIA releases their first DVD/live album (“Blinded By Tokyo – Live In Japan”), again played Loud Park in October of the same year and started preparations for their fourth studio album.

Even though HIBRIA had most of their success in Japan and Southern America so far, it’s obvious that the band has the potential to be an international player in the future.
When HIBRIA launched their career with “Defying The Rules” and “The Skull Collectors”, their speedy way of playing Heavy/Power Metal became their trademark. With “Blind Ride” HIBRIA turned a bit more towards a more serious and powerful sound while still keeping the up-tempo elements.
“Silent Revenge” now somehow combines the best of both these worlds: it has the melodic power of their first albums but kept the more edgy overall sound and roughness.
This way HIBRIA create a contemporary Power Metal sound that doesn’t sound dated nor forced. Fans of melodic Metal sound with balls: this is for you!

HIBRIA - Silent Revenge

AFM 477-2

Release Date: 2013-July-26





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