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New Jersey/New York's ILL NIÑO will release its new album "Dead New World" via AFM Records, as follow-up to 2008's "Enigma". The record was self-produced, with co-production coming from Clint Lowery (SEVENDUST) and Sahaj Ticotin (RA), and mixed by Eddie Wohl (36 CRAZYFISTS, ANTHRAX, SMILE EMPTY SOUL).  

"Our new CD is everything you expect from ILL NIÑO's original Latin metal sounds; it's heavy as fuck, full of Cristian growling vocals, melodic choruses, tribal Latin rhythms, sick guitars, as well as also being the most progressive record we've ever recorded!!!" , states drummer Dave Chavarri


Formed in Northern New Jersey in 1999 by vocalist Cristian Machado, bassist Laz Pina and drummer Dave Chavarri, ILL NIÑO quickly made a name for themselves with a unique blend of decidedly American metal fused to a backbone of Latin percussion. An early demo landed in the hands of Roadrunner Records and the band was signed in 2000. Their first album, 2001’s “Revolution, Revolucion” saw the band burst into the worldwide spotlight with the single “What Comes Around” and stints on Ozzfest and the Jagermeister Music Tour along with tours with Linkin Park, Soulfly and Drowning Pool. In 2003 the band released “Confession”, an album which eased up on the aggression while adding a greater Latin flavor to their sonic stew. The album debuted in the Top 40 and the single “How Can I Live”, which was also the lead single from the film “Freddy vs. Jason”, helped further expand the band’s reach both at home and abroad. Tours with Godsmack, Korn and Sevendust ensued, with the band selling nearly 200,000 copies of their sophomore release in the U.S. 2004’s DVD “Live In The Eye Of The Storm” and 2005’s “One Nation Underground” followed, both cementing the band’s status as true innovators in the Latin and hard rock genres. ILL NIÑO last year split with Cement Shoes Records, which released 2008's "Enigma". According to Chavarri, the CD sold 80,000 copies worldwide "with no backup in America."

Even after eleven years of band history, ILL NIÑO  are still as wanted as in the beginning, which they proved this year by playing festivals such as Summer Breeze and Wacken Open Air in front of ten thousands of enthusiastic fans! After the release of “Dead New World” the band will start touring around the world in 2011. So you better watch out!



IL NINO - The Depression

AFM CD 438-9

Release Date: 2012-10-26

Media: Ltd. Digipak

Ill Nino - The Depression

AFM 438-5

Release Date: 2012-09-25

Media: Digital 1-Track

Ill Nino - Dead New World

AFM CD 315-2

AFM CD 315-9

Release Date: 2010-10-29

Media: CD/ Ltd. Digipak



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