Iron Savior
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Live At The Final Frontier

Live At The Final Frontier

Release : 2015-05-29

Media :
DVD / 2CD Digipak

Piet Sielck:
vocals, guitar
Joachim Küstner:
Yenz Leonhardt:
Thomas Nack:


With “The Landing”, German heavy/power metal force IRON SAVIOR returned to the scene after a 4-year break in November 2011. The band made impact on the scene again with one of their very best releases, and that’s where IRON SAVIOR now continue with “Rise Of The Hero”. As usual, the new album was recorded and produced in Piet Sielck’s Powerhouse studio. What can be expected? A full dose of first-class heavy music, power metal to the max!

But IRON SAVIOR like to surprise their fans as well from time to time. Who would have expected a cover version of Mando Diao’s “Dance With Somebody” from the Hamburg-based band? Well, whatever works is allowed. So Sielck admits that “Dance With Somebody” originally was recorded to become a bonus track for the limited edition, “but we simply liked it too much and finally decided to make it a regular album track”.

Beside the “saviorized” Mando Diao song you find 11 crunchy, melodic, powerful metal tracks in best IRON SAVIOR style. Compared to “The Landing”, the new material even turned out to be a little heavier while easily displaying the band’s trademarks. The savior is more than alive!


The history of IRON SAVIOR began in 1996 when the band was founded by Piet Sielck, Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray) and Thomen Stauch (Blind Guardian), at first only to be a studio project. But the musical direction was clear right from the start: traditional (and influenced by NWOBHM greats like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden) power metal with science fiction concepts linked lyrics. The rough, expressive voice of Sielck set additional accents that gave the band its own profile.

In 1997 they released their debut album "Iron Savior" which was received in the scene with lots of praise and quickly established the new band. With the second album "Unification” the savior made it to the top 100 of the German chart. It was followed by further studio albums in "Dark Assault" (2001), "Condition Red" (2003), "Battering Ram" (2004) and 2007´s "Megatropolis". Meanwhile, the line-up had changed. Since 2001, after the exit of Hansen, Piet Sielck remained the last of the three founding members, and he is still holding the band and their vision steadily on route.

"The Landing" brought IRON SAVIOR back on the map and now it’s time for the “Rise Of The Hero”.


                                      Long live the savior!


IRON SAVIOR - Live At The Final Frontier

AFM 537-7

Format: DVD / 2CD Digipak

Release Date: 2015-05-29

IRON SAVIOR - Megatropolis 2.0

AFM 539-2

Format: Standard CD

Release Date: 2015-04-24

IRON SAVIOR - Rise Of The Hero

AFM 475-2

AFM 475-9

AFM 475-1

AFM 475-11

Release Date: 2014-February-28

Media: CD, Ltd. Digi, Gtf. Black Vinyl, Gtf. Blue Vinyl

IRON SAVIOR - The Landing

AFM CD 383-2

AFM CD 383-9

Release Date: 2011-11-18

Media: CD/ Ltd. Digipak

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