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Nur Die Besten Werden Alt - Tour Edition

Nur Die Besten Werden Alt - Tour Edition

Release : 2015-02-27

Media :
Digipak (2CD DVD), Fanbox


Hannes "G. Laber" Holzmann

vocals, guitar

Ralph Bach


Vito C.

vocals, guitar

Wolfram Kellner



2016-05-04 DE Bohmte

2016-05-19 DE Büren

2016-05-27 DE München

2016-06-10 DE St. Goarshausen

2016-06-18 DE Natz/Schabs

2016-07-06 DE Ballenstedt

2016-07-11 DE Nürnberg

2016-07-14 DE Rieden-Kreuth

2016-08-13 DE Eschwege

2016-08-26 CH Gränichen

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The „Defenders of the True Nonsense“ are back!


The Motto: 25/10!


25 years of J.B.O., 10th studio album!


J.B.O. from Erlangen (Bavaria) present their new album “Nur die Besten werden alt“ („Only the Good Get Old”) AND celebrate their silver jubilee. The album is a cornucopia full of party hymns: Fans can await some new songs and music-history-classics, of course with new lyrics – in the end nothing but fun, fun, fun!


The band attends with their best compositions and lyrics so far. J.B.O. are experts in presenting themselves in their very own and unique style.

Since 1989 the band stands for the connection between hard music and humouristic lyrics.

The former studio albums of J.B.O. were honoured with several gold discs.


Get ready for the party with the hit “Vier Finger für ein Halleluja”, the Alice-Cooper-tribute “Schule aus” (“School’s Out”), the OPUS-homage “Death is Death” and the philosophical question “What would Jesus do?”!

No matter if they compose their own songs or paraphrase music-classics your aps will be strained by laughing.


Get ready and check them out when they come on tour in fall!


J.B.O. - Nur Die Besten Werden Alt - Tour Edition

Release Date: 2015-02-27

Digipak (2CD+DVD): AFM 494-7

Fanbox: AFM 494-61


J.B.O. - Nur die Besten werden alt

AFM 494-6

AFM 494-4

AFM 494-2

AFM 494-11

AFM 494-1

Release Date: 2014-August-15

Media: Fanbox, Ltd. 2-Digi, CD, Gtf. Neon Pink Vinyl, Gtf. Black Vinyl

J.B.O. - Vier Finger für ein Halleluja

AFM 494-5

Release Date: 2014-July-18

Digital 1-Track







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