Kissin' Dynamite
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Generation Goodbye

Generation Goodbye

Release : 2016-07-08

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CD, Ltd. CD/DVD Digipak, Ltd. Boxset


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2016-10-20 DE Berlin

2016-10-21 DE Hameln

2016-10-22 DE Hamburg

2016-10-27 CH Pratteln

2016-10-28 DE Aschaffenburg

2016-10-29 DE Köln

2016-11-04 FR Nantes

2016-11-05 FR Paris

2016-11-10 DE Nürnberg

2016-11-11 CZ Prag

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It takes less than five seconds for one to realize the impact of this band: Swabian Rockers KISSIN’ DYNAMITE is a real sound-storm on its way to shake up the scene! They carry away the audience and shake all the senses at once; so the world will finally be left speechless!


Rightly, these Swabian Rockers are considered as THE great hope of the German Hard 'N' Heavy scene. Experts see a huge potential in this young band, and their third album released soon, will undoubtedly give them a great shot at becoming an international major player. Yet how could we doubt KISSIN’ DYNAMITE in the first place? Their previous releases were just so strong, their shows so convincing and energetic – not to forget, their ever-growing fanbase!


With "Money, Sex & Power" KISSIN’ DYNAMITE now reaches a new level. The experiences of recent years have shaped the band and increased their professionalism in every department.

The new album is still catchy and, even though the classic metal influences are still there, they now more consistently than ever before display their very own brand of sleazy heavy rock. The new tracks, most notably the two singles "Money, Sex & Power" and "I Will Be King”, are outrageously catchy and the band’s delight in playing is the perfect vehicle for both the musical preference and attitude of the band.


"For us it is a great honour to play at festivals such as ‘Bang Your Head," says singer Hannes Braun. “We are especially proud that we have a mixed audience and appeal to both young and older fans. If KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are in town, definitely go to the party! Everyone is welcome to rock out with us!”


KISSIN’ DYNAMITE are the ultimate live act. Anyone who has seen them will definitely not forget their energetic, wild and powerful shows. And it’s only a matter of time until these Swabian power rockers get the deserved attention outside of Germany too.

"Our debut album" Steel Of Swabia” was released in Germany/Austria/Switzerland, as well as in Finland and Japan" Hannes continues. "For our second album, "Addicted To Metal", we had the opportunity to release worldwide for the first time – not just in Germany, as AFM Records was covering all other territories. The collaboration with AFM worked so well that we decided, now, to work with them worldwide and at home as well.”


In July 2008, KISSIN’ DYNAMITE´s "Steel Of Swabia” was released; a debut album of teenagers with their singer just 16 years old! What puzzled everyone though was how much this "teen band" rocked; just as good as the greats: Mötley Crue, Whitesnake, AC / DC, Guns'n'Roses! No wonder this first-class debut album was released on the major label EMI! The quality of this young group was only too obvious. And also so enjoyable was that the prominence of metal was so thrilled as well, so in fact legendary Udo Dirkschneider (ex-Accept/U.D.O.) contributed vocals to the title track of the second KISSIN’ DYNAMITE album "Addicted To Metal" in 2010. And that album then again received great reviews and helped to establish and refine the thunderous KISSIN’ DYNAMITE sound.


With "Money, Sex & Power" KISSIN’ DYNAMITE now come up with the 3rd chapter in their history - and they deliver the biggest blow yet. Never were they hungrier, more determined and better. Authentic, raw, melodic and powerful – KISSIN’ DYNAMITE live their music and are more than willing to unleash its irrepressible power!

Kissin' Dynamite - Generation Goodbye

Release Date: 2016-07-08


AFM 577-2  CD
AFM 577-6  Ltd. Boxset
AFM 577-9  Ltd. CD/DVD Digipak

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