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Release : 2006-09-15

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It was the year 1974 when, in a small Swiss city called Solothurn, the wish among five young guys called Fernando von Arb, Chris von Rohr, Freddy Steady, Juerg Naegeli and Tommy Kiefer awoke to play Rock `n`Roll.
First of all, no one really seemed to pay attention to that. There was no real music scene existing in Switzerland of that time and for the rest of the world the imagination of spot lights, glamour and being famous was connected with places such as Hollywood or Las Vegas – not with Solothurn.

But the five young men, calling themselves Krokus, had not been too impressed by these circumstances. They decided instead to go to Spain for playing gigs on the Costa Brava and gather some live experiences with that. First successes have been the result of these plans, and when Krokus returned to Switzerland, they looked more experienced and grown up than before. And they could, combined with the magic dust of the streets they brought back from touring, find a way in their home country to record an album.

From this point on the powerful pioneer spirit the band was always breathing seemed to make it s way: the debut album „Painkiller“ was released, with Mark Storace a new singer came on board (Chris von Rohr was doing the vocals until that) – a singer that could bring some more success to the band thanks to his extraordinary voice. When in 1979 the album “Metal Rendezvous” came out, Switzerland understood that Krokus was a very special flower growing in their country. The album became a mega-success and got, for more than 150.000 sold copies, triple platinum.

With the up following album „Hardware“ Krokus could enlarged their success onto an international territory. First UK dates and several shows in the USA could be played. Guitarist Tommy Kiefer got replaced by Mandy Meier for a while, who, again plays with the band nowadays.

In the beginning of the eighties Krokus can reach platinum status in the USA and Canada with both albums „One Vice At A Time“ and „Headhunter“. The authentic spirit of the band is something people have learned to honour. The trueness this band is representing their music with is something everybody learned to love.

And though founding member Chris von Rohr leaves the band in 1984 due to personal differences, Krokus are manifesting themselves as an original that lives and breathes endless tourings, dusty roads and adventures – shortly spoken Rock ´n´Roll - more than most of the others.

More than 30 years have passed now since the founding of the band – Krokus have celebrated their ups and survived their downs. They couldn `t be destroyed by member changes and they have watched numerous other successful bands during their rise and their fall. While several wannabe-rockers have searched for an impressive image and tried to convince the audience with it, Krokus have always stayed Krokus- no matter what was happening around them. And while the business has permanently tried to invent new trends, Krokus have experienced more stories even the thickest book could tell about. And they, until today, are holding the champion `s cup for Switzerland `s most successful band of all times (also their last album “Rock The Block”, no. 1 in Switzerland, is about to achieve platin and lead the band through whole America, Europe and Russia for touring).

And the guys are breathing on. Heavily grooving, loudly rocking, emotionally bluesy and self-confident above all the guys are still telling their Rock ´n´Roll stories in songs such as „Midnite Fantasy“, „Angel Of My Dreams“ or „Hangman“ like almost no one else is able to do.

Their new, fresh and though grown up album is called “Hellraiser”. And though the guys have been around longer than most of the others it still defines rock music in a big way. The record has been produced by (a.o. member of Pink Cream 69 and producer of House Of Lords, Pink Cream 69, a.o.).

Krokus have, once more, shown what real Rock ´n´Roll means – and that you can `t create it with trends or artificially produced scandal-images – or with the naked addiction to success.

More accurate than any Swiss watch could be, more intense than any Swiss cheese could taste and better tasting than any Swiss chocolate Krokus are, once more, showing impressively, that Rock ´n´Roll could and would not exist without them.

KROKUS - Hellraiser

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Release Date: 2006-09-15

Media: CD/ Ltd. Digipak



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