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Skin And Bones

Skin And Bones

Release : 2014-09-26

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Jessica Thierjung:


Oliver Thierjung:

guitar, back. vocals

Linda Laukamp:

cello, back. vocals

Markus Fidorra:


Joon Laukamp:


Tim Sonnenstuhl


Steffen Feldmann:


LYRIEL will release their fourth album "Leverage” on February 24th. As the title makes one sense, the new compositions by the band are more powerful than before – without going too far astray from the band´s trademarks and roots.

It was never easy to label LYRIEL´s music. Their mix of Celtic rock, gothic metal, folk and alternative influences has a unique touch to it.
With “Leverage” LYRIEL stay true to their tradition of reinventing themselves again and again. The album is varied, melodic and despite new influences and a bit tougher stance, typical LYRIEL.

Singer Jessica Thierjung´s voice and the strings (violin and cello) produce LYRIEL's special atmosphere, combined with a stronger guitar and drum work this time. LYRIEL rely less on synth sounds and let the actual band instruments play a more prominent role.

The diversity of ideas on "Leverage" is remarkable and there is a danger that the CD player does not leave so soon.
As a guest on the album LYRIEL welcomes Thomas Lindner (Schandmaul), who sings in duet with Jessica on the beautiful ballad "Wenn Die Engel Fallen".
But not only LYRIEL do convince with the soft tones, but with immense surprise even rocking tracks like "Leverage" (to which a video clip was filmed), "Voices In My Head" and "Side By Side" can be found on the record. Nevertheless, the folky influences have not disappeared.
"Leverage" shouldn´t be missed, as it is definitely the highlight of LYRIEL´s artistic creation.

After its inception in autumn 2003 LYRIE started with playing concerts locally. In early 2005 the debut album "Prisonworld" found its way into the shop shelves.
LYRIEL also had the honor to support ELIS on their tour. Another highlight was the guest appearance by Jessica on XANDRIA´s very successful “India” album. In autumn 2006 LYRIEL published their second album "Autumntales".
Mid-2009 the first two albums were re-issued as 2-CD "The First Chapters". In January 2010 the third album "Paranoid Circus" was released, which again earned positive reviews from the press, as well as from fans worldwide. After signing with AFM Records, "Paranoid Circus" was re-released with new cover artwork and two bonus tracks in April 2011. The simultaneously released video clip for the title track gained more than half a million views within a few months and proved that the popularity of LYRIEL is unbroken.

On February 24th the highly anticipated new LYRIEL album “Leverage” will see the light of day.


LYRIEL - Skin And Bones

AFM 498-9

Release Date: 2014-September-26

Media: Ltd. Digi

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AFM 498-5

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LYRIEL - Leverage

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AFM CD 374-9

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LYRIEL - Skin And Bones

AFM 498-9

Release Date: 2014-September-26

Ltd. Digi