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Release : 2010-08-27

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Mike Kostrzyński


Radek Półrolniczak


Jarek Kajszczak


Tomek Grochowski


About two and a half years have passed since the debut album “Bullet In Your Head” was released. A lot has happened for Made Of Hate and one of the highlights certainly was the direct support slot for Iron Maiden, when they played in Warsaw.

Now, on August 27th, Poland’s rising stars will strike again.
The upcoming record is entitled “Pathogen” and comes with one major change: A new vocalist. Yet, there was no need to search for someone completely new since Radek, who played rhythm guitar before, was the perfect match for this position! Mike comments on this matter: “There was a change on lead vocals. It's pretty amazing, because there were no actual personal change (…) I still sing some of the backing vocals and that's the only way my voice will be used in Made Of Hate. We decided to take this step to gain possibilities and quality. Plus, Radek's voice and his singing is unique and absolutely brilliant!”

Once again Mike is responsible for all the music and lyrics, since this is how the band works. Lyrically, "Pathogen" is set somewhere between everyday life experiences and the fascination of serial killers and their point of view, feelings and an attempt to try and understand their twisted thoughts. Music-wise Made Of Hate refined their style. It has become much more educated and mature in its heaviness and complexity, but without losing the charm of the first record. Songs like “Lock’n’Load”, “Russian Roulette” and “I Can’t Believe” are the best proof for this. Not to forget the distinctive guitar playing of one of the most talented youngsters in this scene: Mike Kostrzy?ski. This mixture will definitely provide some serious emotions, carried in both: lyrics and music.

Three separated recording sessions and quite a long time for the
mixing and mastering processes were necessary, just to find the best sound for “Pathogen”.

At the moment the band is as energetic and active as never before and has a few things prepared for all the fans, to give everybody out there not only an insight into what “Pathogen” is all about, but also to show how the band itself works.
Made Of Hate are ready for the next big step with the release of their new album!

Or to end it with Mike’s words:
“We've never been in better shape and everything seems to just roll the best way for us!”

MADE OF HATE - Bullet In Your Head

AFM CD 322-2

Release Date: 2010-08-27

Media: CD


MADE OF HATE - Bullet In Your Head

AFM CD 201-2

Release Date: 2008-02-22

Media: CD




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