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Keep Your Dream aLive

Keep Your Dream aLive

Release : 2015-10-09

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DVD/CD Digipak, BD/CD Digipak


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In 2002, MASTERPLAN was founded by Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch, who both just split ways with Helloween. This new band should turn into a force to be reconned with very quickly: the debut album “Masterplan” made a huge impact on the scene in early 2003. Four highly-acclaimed studio albums were following within the next 10 years. Now MASTERPLAN finally release a Live album, available as BluRay/CD and DVD/CD sets, incl. the full Masters Of Rock 2013 show, the Wacken 2014 show, footage from their latest Asian tour, and Prog Power Atlanta festival, plus all (5) official MASTERPLAN video clips. The Masters Of Rock 2013 show is featured on the CD.

When MASTERPLAN was formed in 2002, the band was quickly hailed as THE Melodic Metal sensation. Two ex-Helloween men Roland Grapow and Uli Kusch connected at once with first-class vocalist Jorn Lande, then adding to this mix Axel Mackenrott (keyboards) and bassist Jan S. Eckert. A supergroup was born. The debut album "Masterplan" achieved huge impact in 2003, the band celebrating their first chart success throughout whole Europe and the immensely quick buildup of a huge, worldwide fanbase. A European tour with Hammerfall followed in addition. The sophomore album "Aeronautics" was released in January 2005 and continued this path. Part of the "Flying Aces Tour”, MASTERPLAN played their first shows as headlining act. But, for third album ("MK II" (2007), change was on the way as singer Lande and drummer Kusch left to be replaced by Mike DiMeo (ex-Riot) and veteran drummer Mike Terrana. On a European tour with Saxon, the new MASTERPLAN line-up was presented for the first time. With the fourth album "Time To Be King", Lande briefly returned to MASTERPLAN but sadly, despite numerous requests, no live activity resulted.
For the band’s fifth album “Novum Initium”, (2013) new members Rick Altzi (vocals) and Jari Kainulainen (bass) joined MASTERPLAN and the band not only continued their tradition of releasing outstanding melodic metal, but also returned to the stages for the biggest run of headlining shows and festivals in their entire history so far.

The proven new line-up now gives you the first ever MASTERPLAN Live album, titled “Keep Your Dream aLive”).

Masterplan discography:
Masterplan (2003)
Aeronautics (2005)
MK II (2007)
Time To Be King (2010)
Novum Initium (2013)
Keep Your Dream aLive (2015)


Masterplan - Keep Your Dream aLive

Release Date: 2015-10-09


AFM 526-0  BD/CD Digipak
AFM 526-7  DVD/CD Digipak

MASTERPLAN - Novum Initium

AFM 396-1

AFM 396-2

AFM 396-9

Release Date: 2013-06-14

CD, Ltd. Digipak, Vinyl

MASTERPLAN - Keep Your Dream Alive

AFM 396-5

Release Date: 2013 May, 24th

Media: Digital 1-Track


MASTERPLAN - Time To Be King

AFM LP  234-1

AFM CD 234-2

AFM CD 234-9

Release Date: 2010-05-21

Media: LP/ CD/ Ltd. Digipak


MASTERPLAN - Far From The End Of The World - Single

AFM SG 234-5

Release Date: 2010-04-16

Media: CD

MASTERPLAN - MK II - Special Pack

AFM CD 282-3

Release Date: 2009-03-06

Media: CD/ EP Set


AFM CD 148-2

AFM CD 148-3

AFM CD 148-9

Release Date: 2007-02-23

Media: CD/ Metalcase/ Ltd. Digibook

MASTERPLAN - Lost And Gone - EP

AFM SG 148-5

Release Date: 2007-01-26

Media: CD

MASTERPLAN - Aeronautics

AFM CD 084-2

AFM CD 084-9

Release Date: 2005-01-24

Media: CD/ Ltd. Digibook/Gtf. Golden 2-Vinyl

MASTERPLAN - Back For My Life - EP

AFM SG 084-5

Release Date: 2004-11-29

Media: CD

MASTERPLAN - Masterplan

AFM CD 061-2

AFM CD 061-9

AFM 061-1

Release Date: 20.01.2003

Format: CD/ Ltd. 2-CD Digibook, Gtf. Golden 2-Vinyl

MASTERPLAN - Masterplan

AFM CD 061-2

AFM CD 061-9

Release Date: 2003-01-20

Media: CD/ Ltd. 2-CD Digibook

MASTERPLAN - Enlighten Me - EP

AFM SG 061-5

Release Date: 2002-11-18

Media: CD

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