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The Acausal Mass

The Acausal Mass

Release : 2012-06-22

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Gatefold LP/ CD







MERRIMACK belongs to the most influential, most active and authentic bands of the French black metal scene. Moreover this band is one of the French combos that accomplished to play worldwide tours and that made a name for themselves in the scene over the French border.

After founding the band in 1994, MERRIMACK recorded three demo tapes –  “Act 1”, the splitdemo “Hirilorn/Merrimack” and “Horns Defeat Thorns (A Vision Of Human Salvation)”, before they felt ready for their first entire studio album. “Ashes Of Purification” was released in 2002 by the underground label Elegy Records. The jet-black hateful chunk of metal was acclaimed by the strict core of the underground scene and the American label Moribund Records began to put out feelers in direction of Paris. “Of Entropy And Life Denial”, the fabulous second album from 2006 finally marked the international break through of the Frenchmen. Media placed MERRIMACK on the same with big names like MARDUK or GORGOROTH and praised the musical brutality and vigour as well as the quality of composition and playing.

“Grey Rigorism”, the third album, was a step in modern direction. MERRIMACK combined their gruff Black Metal with epic song structures and post-modern Sound – they got fabulous media critics and toured through Europe and USA very successfully.

In summer 2011 the band came to an agreement about a co-operation with the German Metal label AFM Records. In January 2012 the combo entered again the Necromorbus Studio, where quality guarantees like WATAIN or FUNERAL MIST produced their sound attacks.

“THE ACAUSAL MASS” bites, rages, hurts and destroys. MERRIMACK excelled themselves by introducing a milestone of orthodox and brilliant black metal and prove again that the black metal scene is able to give new impulses in 2012 far away from mainstream.

MERRIMACK - The Acausal Mass

AFM  LP 397-1

AFM CD 397-2

Release Date: 2012-06-22

Media: Gatefold LP/ CD


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