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Cannibal Nation

Cannibal Nation

Release : 2012-10-19

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CD, Ltd. Digipak


Klaus Dirks:

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Sven Lüdke:

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Nikolas Fritz:

Mob Rules are really there to fulfill dreams – our own dreams”, says vocalist Klaus Dirks, who founded the band 18 years ago with guitarist Matthias Mineur. “We’ve never thought about it if a song or an arrangement would encounter any resistance. Probably, this is why the new album’s title was never questioned. We liked it immediately, so we just said, let’s go with it.”

Doubts that the title “Cannibal Nation” could be deceptive for fans of a band that is playing a sound, crossing the borders between the edge of Rock, Power Metal and Prog therefore, never became a huge factor...

Dirks: “When a band keeps up with its style of music as we do, with seven albums behind us, we don’t really see any danger in doing that. Our fans wouldn’t think that we’ve now turned towards an extreme metal direction. Mob Rules always stood for deeply melodic songs and a rockin’-metallic attitude. Any album from this band should always question, and the title should always be accepted as provocative, right? We’ve done it before, and we’ll continue to do it.”

 Why the title “Cannibal Nation” then? “Well, one of the album’s songs, whose lyrics deal with the cruel deeds of the African despot Jean-Bédel Bokassa, has the same title. So, as this somehow truly stood out, and we really liked it, we made “Cannibal Nation” the title of the whole record.”

“Cannibal Nation“ is a varied, hook-oriented and energetic record. After building their own studio, a whole lot of new possibilities then opened up to the band. Dwelling Mound Studio, the home of guitarist Sven Lüdke, became the place for MOB RULES to compose their new material, but the band already knew the result: every song on "Cannibal Nation", would appear sophisticated and right on point.

From the prog metal-influenced opening track “Close My Eyes” to the following “Lost” with its strong hookline; to the first single “Ice & Fire” (inspired by the story of the abducted Colombian politician Íngrid Betancourt) which features atmospheric orchestral parts by Michael ´Miro` Rodenberg (Avantasia). And to “Scream For The Sun” (lyrically dealing with the first ascent of Mount Everest), to the album's final song “Sunrise”...., every track was arranged with passion and reason. With “Tele Box Fool”, also a song whose lyrics criticize today's dull TV/media culture, the album is complete. An image of society that is up to date, and again, totally relevant.

Confidence in their own ability is something you can hear in every note on “Cannibal Nation”. “We’ve been overseas several times to play festivals, and people tell us that we are hailed as a cult band there; one that puts yardsticks out there in the genre,” says Dirks. “I guess we can be confident in what we do now, especially when we have success at events like 2011's edition of the ProgPower USA Festival, in Atlanta.” 

But let's go back to the "dreams": “Cannibal Nation“ will be released on October 26th; not only as a digipak, jewel case CD and digital download; but also as a limited vinyl edition, coming with a slightly different cover. Furthermore, the end of September sees the release of the single “Ice And Fire”, complete with a video clip that the band is currently working on. MOB RULES' pride on completing a totally convincing new album is totally justified..... Says Dirks: "We think that “Cannibal Nation“ must be heard. In my opinion this album is a prime example of how timeless, traditional music can sound."



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