Mors Principium Est
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...And Death Said Live

...And Death Said Live

Release : 2012-12-14

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Ville Viljanen (vocals)

Mikko Sipola (drums)

Teemu Heinola (bass)

Andy Gillion (guitar)

Andhe Chandler (guitar)

It has been over five years, since Finland’s MORS PRINCIPIUM EST showed signs of life. But in the year 2012 they finally return with an impressive new album. “… and Death said live” is the title of this fourth output by the band around vocalist Ville Viljanen. This record is without a doubt one of the most anticipated releases of the scene and nearly no other band has managed to capture the sound and charm of the “Gothenburg metal scene” like MORS PRINCIPIUM EST do.

But rather than just copying it the band followed their own instincts to create something unique, apart from any musically trends or frantic progressions from one record to another. Listening to their new album you’ll come to realize, they haven’t changed this line of approach – on the contrary: “… and Death said live” puts forward impressive musicianship. Just take the rapid drums, highly melodic and fast paced guitarwork or decent keyboards to accentuate the mood of each song. Last but not least vocalist Ville is at his best and presents the whole extent of his voice, this time more intense than ever.

All this is topped off by the guest appearances of Jona Weinhofen (Bring Me The Horizon), Ryan Knight (The Black Dahlia Murder) – longtime friends and fans of the band – and by the excellent production, which took place in the Swedish Panic Room Studios (Solution .45, Scar Symmetry and many more).


Taking a look at the career of MORS PRINCIPIUM EST so far shows that the band easily attracted attention with each album. Already in the days of their debut “Inhumanity” (2003) critics were full of praise for the Finns, who still sounded fresh and made no secret of where their roots were. Comparisons to At The Gates, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, or even the fellow-countrymen Children Of Bodom were common, but MORS PRINCIPIUM EST have never been characterized as just a mere clone of the above mentioned. Even when the follow-up albums “The Unborn” (2005) and “Liberation=Termination” (2007) were released, the names of  the scene pioneers were always at hand, but rather to show that this upcoming band is on a par with them. This positive response from the press helped to build a loyal fan base and establish the band internationally.

However, since 2007 the band had to deal with several line-up changes, which almost lead to their disbanding and were the reason for the long hiatus. Over the following years they tried out different musicians and combinations, clearly intending to not let things end this way. In 2011 they finally found Andy Gillion from United Kingdom and Andhe Chandler from New Zealand as their new guitarists (selected from over 200 applicants) . With this new line-up they started the composing and recording process for "... and Death said live".


… and the title couldn’t  be more appropriate, because having Death on your side means that the end can wait – especially if he’s the beginning and driving force behind it all.

MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - ...And Death Said Live

AFM 420-2

Release Date: 2012-Dec-14

Media: CD



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