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Come Read The Words Forbidden

Come Read The Words Forbidden

Release : 2011-10-21

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It´s quite unusual that a new band´s debut album makes you think that you listen to one of the very best bands that you´ve heard in a long time. MORTON´s debut “Come Read The Words Forbidden” is one of those rare experiences, presenting a perfect blend of fresh melodic power metal, ranging from ultra-catchy midtempo rockers over furious speed to an almost doomy ending of the album. You´ll find no fillers here, and the powerful, transparent sound is on international top level. Responsible therefore was singer Max, who is running his own studio and was producing many acts of Ukrainian rock- and metal scene.

MORTON was founded as a pure studio project. Their first recording, an EP called “Grimoire”, was made available for free download which caused a lot of attention to the new project. Its tracks „Black Witch“, Oblivion“, „Werewolf Hunt“ and „Grimoire“ now can be found on MORTON´s official debut album, all in refined versions. Here you see the ambition of band leader Max Morton, who is putting his focus on all aspects and details.

But MORTON should not long remain the project and turn into a  real band, with a steady lineup, lots of live gigs, intense jam sessions in the rehearsal room.

In November 2010 exactly this lineup was filming the first MORTON video clip “Sleeping King”.

In early 2011 MORTON received an offer from a Japanese label. At that time the “Come Read The Words Forbidden” album was still in the making, but right after completing the works, MORTON signed a Japanese deal.

“Come Read The Words Forbidden” was released in the middle of July in Japan and the Ukraine. Due to the missing of any kind of professional distribution structures, the band was handling the release in the Ukraine on their own.

For the song „Brotherhood Of Light“ MORTON shortly after filmed an official live video clip, again proving that they have left the status of a project long behind them.

If you like melodic power/heavy metal in the vein of Kamelot or Sonata Arctica´s finest moments, you will love MORTON. “Come Read The Words Forbidden” is an infusion of fresh blood to the power metal genre.

MORTON - Come Read The Words Forbidden

AFM CD 385-2

Release Date: 2011-10-21

Media: CD



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