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In the year 2006 two musical entities from two different countries came together to form a brand new force. Greek female singer Iris Mavraki and Turkish Prog/Power Metal act DREAMTONE formed the band NEVERLAND, a brave venture into the waters of fantasy driven melodies and songs of magical places that come alive every time we close our eyes.

The challenge was more than fascinating for the band as Iris basically came from a rather different, albeit not completely different, background than that of metal music. With a long musical past on her shoulders (from local concerts to touring Turkey with entire symphony orchestras), it is no secret that in 1981 Iris met with Nick Mason and David Gilmour of PINK FLOYD, at their Britannia Row studios in London for an audition. The invitation came after previously having heard a demo tape of Iris. DREAMTONE on the other hand is one of Turkey’s most famous Metal acts, having opened concerts for such renowned bands as MEGADETH, DREAM THEATER and BLIND GUARDIAN (with whom they’ve also toured Turkey).

The cooperation between Iris and DREAMTONE progressed rapidly into what both parts had only dreamt of up to that point. Songs were written, ideas were created and forged. The decision was taken. Both sides were going to channel all their musical dreams through NEVERLAND. And so be it, with some additional help from Iris’ son major guests were invited, a symphony orchestra was found and soon they were all preparing for NEVERLAND’s debut studio effort titled “Reversing Time”.

The debut CD features great guests from the world of Metal such as Hansi Kürsch (BLIND GUARDIAN), Tom Englund (EVERGREY), Mike Baker and Gary Wehrkamp of SHADOW GALLERY, as well as the Philarmonia Istanbul Orchestra!

Iris and DREAMTONE recorded a total of 12 tracks at ATM Studios in Istanbul, with Erim Arkman and Alp Turac - who won the Eurovision Song Contest back in 2003 together with singer Sertab Erener (for the song "Every Way That I Can"). The Philarmonia Istanbul Orchestra recorded at MIAM Studios in Istanbul with conductor Hakan Sensoy. Ethnical Instruments and Sax parts were recorded at Mars Studios in Ankara. The mixing process of “Reversing Time” took place at Division One Studios (EVERGREY, HAMMERFALL, IN FLAMES etc) in Gothenburg, Sweden. The mastering was handled by senior mastering engineer Leon Zervos (AVRIL LAVIGNE, SANTANA, INXS, SKID ROW, DURAN DURAN, AEROSMITH) at Sterling Sound in New York.

It wasn’t long before a record deal was on the table as AFM Records expressed huge interest in signing NEVERLAND after having heard just 2 mixed songs.

Now it’s time to open the doors to this magical land; a place where all your dreams come true as long as you believe, as long as you enjoy this journey through NEVERLAND…


AFM CD 257-2

Release Date: 2010-03-26

Media: CD


NEVERLAND - Reversing Time

AFM CD 204-2

Release Date: 2008-02-29

Media: CD



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