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Illusion's Parade

Illusion's Parade

Release : 2009-11-13

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Freddy Persson:

Jake Fredén:

Lennart Specht:

Thomas Antonsson:
    bass guitar

Esko Salow:

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A new album of Power metallers NOSTRADAMEUS always brings joy for all those
who like their melodic Metal the edgy way. The Sweds have steadily increased
their fan base with their 5 albums so far. The mixture of US Metal-like
riffs and European Power Metal gives NOSTRADAMEUS the individual note that
many other bands are lacking nowadays.

Now the Swedish Power force returns with ist 6th album, „Illusion´s Parade“.
The fresh sounding mixture of catchy tracks, delicate speed attacks and
perfectly balanced heaviness enthusiates from start to finish.

The 2004 release „Hellbound“ showed NOSTRADAMEUS stronger and more
self-contained than ever before. They followed this direction with the
acclaimed „Pathway“ album from 2007. When a band has found its own identity,
the next step is refinement. So it´s not a real surprise that the new
NOSTRADAMEUS continues where „Pathway“ left off, Moreover: the new material
combines the best elements of „Hellbound“ and „Pathway“, to become the
ultimate NOSTRADAMEUS album. This is proof that stylistical constancy does
not need to become boring and still can be added with surprising ideas. The
band´s producer Anders „Theo“ Theander (Roasting House studios) again worked
together closely with the band, to secure the best result possible.
NOSTRADAMEUS never sounded more determined and fresh as on „Illusion´s


NOSTRADAMEUS - Illusion's Parade

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Release Date: 2009-11-13

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