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Release : 2012-12-14

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CD, Digipack


FRANK KÜHNLEIN – lead vocals/guitars

MISCHA MATVEEV – backing vocals/guitars



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Just one week before the foretold “end of the world” by the Mayas one of the most spectacular German rock newcomers nulldB give us a match for how it might be…


The quartet from Würzburg/Germany will release their second album “Endzeit” on December, 14th  via AFM Records and enriches the currently booming Neue Deutsche Härte-genre with an unknown heavy freshness.
Stoic rhythms and heavy guitar work are enriched with catchy NuMetal elements, each of their songs makes your heart beat faster…. Faint hearted and superstitious people be aware! “Endzeit” will not only face the dreaded date of 12/21 the album also contains 13 songs…!


On behalf of the musicians they are all “grown men” and have no fear for whatever may come: "We have been playing together since we were teenagers" says front man Franky. "After all we know exactly what we want and how things work. We don’t believe in faith, we believe in us and we experience great results in doing so.”
This self-confidence reflects in the songs of the new album. Anyone who suspects the next RAMMSTEIN copy is far from it. nulldB deliver their very own musical style: an international production enhanced with profound German lyrics. The seal of quality "typically German" thus receives a cosmopolitan painting and shows that even in an international sound garment it does a great job.

nulldB have already been around for a while: the band won the "German Rock and Pop Award" in 2008 as the best newcomer in the category "Hard ‘n’ Heavy". One year later the debut album "In the Eye of the Storm" has been released, since then nulldB can count on a solid fan base.


NulldB wrote and played the thrilling sound for the "NIGHT of the JUMPS" and already played in front of more than 10,000 visitors at the Olympic Hall in Munich.


On December 14th many of the nulldB-disciples finally get what they have been waiting for desperately: the new album “Endzeit”.
Supposedly every single one of them can be met at the exclusive release party on December 15th at  the Sound Park East in Würzburg/Germany.

Assumed we will survive Doomsday 2012, we may as well look forward confidently to the day after because nulldB will be touring with BETONTOD in early 2013…


nulldB - Endzeit

AFM 449-2

AFM 449-9

Release Date: 2012 - Dec - 14

Media: CD, Digipack


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