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To The End

To The End

Release : 2012-10-26

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CD, Ltd. Digipak, 2-Gatefold LP, Ltd. Fanbox



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German melodic metal masters ORDEN OGAN will release their third album "To The End" on October 26th. And what a killer it is! Like in the past, on their releases "Vale" (2208) and "Easton Hope" (2010), the band plays a sound influenced by German Heavy Metal legends like Blind Guardian, Running Wild and Gamma Ray; but they add their very own flavors to it. As there are elegic melodies - far away from happy Metal clichees -, folky elements, very heavy riffs, and probably the most outstanding: the modern, almost "American" sounding production, handled by singer Seeb himself.
So an almost Meshuggah-like riffing "This World Of Ice" with its mercyless precision kicks you right in the guts. The title track "To The End" combines traditional Metal with modern elements and the first single "The Things We Believe In" delivers a similar mixture, but in the most anthemic shape you can imagine.'
"Now seeing the album as a whole", singer/guitarist Seeb analyzes the new material, "To The End" is a lot more heavy and fast, compared our first two albums. But at the same time there are a lot more hymns this time and the tracks are even more melodic. This might sound like an antagonism, but after listening to the album it will make sense."

The art of creating beautiful melodies and chorusses with a high recognition value is something that ORDEN OGAN drove to perfection with "To The End". "Even though the songs on the new album are never too easy or plain, they are not as progressive as the material of "Easton Hope". But the strengths of "To The End" result from the direct "in your face" approach and a new freshness that makes the songs appear more lively and stronger than ever.
So ORDEN OGAN on "To The End" have bounded their strength and leave all dead freight away, to celebrate the pure ORDEN OGAN sound. But also this time there are epic and more complex titles (just listen to "Till The Stars Cry Out"). "It feel just great and we are proud on what we have created", Seeb explains confidently.
Also two old „classics“ will be part of the „To The End“ album, "Mystic Symphony" and "Angels War" are song that date back from our very early days They never appeared on an official ORDEN OGAN record, but since eight years now we never played a concert without having these two songs in our setlist. Of course fans kept asking us how they could get the tracks and so we saw that there was a lot of demand. So when we started working on “To The End” we somehow knew that “Mystic Symphony” and Angels War” should become part of it. So, here they are", Seeb smiles.

At the latest with their „Easton Hope“ release (2010), ORDEN OGAN belong amongst  the most creative and strong bands of Europe. This reputation on the line now, they have exceeded themselves with “To The End” – their new Magnum Opus – a monument of Metal.
Their self-produced demo/EP „Testimonium A.D.“ (2004) brought ORDEN OGAN first attention, after a few years of self-finding. Numerous magazines were deeply impressed and considered the band to be one of the best newcomers in years. However, fans had to wait until early 2008 to witness the band’s debut album “Vale” to be released. From this pint on, things got interesting: the mixture of classic German Metal, modern interpretation and a melancholic touch was received more than well. The band had even secured the services of legendary cover artist Andreas Marschall (Blind Guardian, Running Wild, In Flames a.o.)  - (a connection that led to a working relationship for all three ORDEN OGAN releases; in return Seeb composed the entire score for Marschall’s new horror thriller movie “Masks” (2012)). “Vale” sold surprisingly well, despite being releases on a small label with limited possibilities. A professional video clip was filmed for the song "The Lords Of The Flies" , which brought additional attention to the band. The most important magazines hailed ORDEN OGAN as “the only legitimate successor to Blind Guardian and Running Wild”. Even more: the band reached an audience of old school metal fans but new generations as well. Shortly after, ORDEN OGAN signed with AFM Records in Summer 2009. Just weeks after,  the band’s video clip “We Are Pirates!” was used by Germany’s biggest TV station RTL for the Formula 1 broadcast at the entire racing weekend of Monza, which drew 11 million viewers. In January 2010 then ORDEN OGAN’s second album “Easton Hope” was released, a highly praised, epic conceptual effort. And the band for the first time became “visible” throughout whole Europe: tours with Grave Digger, Tiamat, Van Canto and Freedom Call made their fanbase increase steadily. AFM Records put out a re-release of the “Vale” album (incl. bonus tracks) in November  of the same year. Also appearances at festivals like Wacken Open Air, Rock Hard festival, Bang Your Head and numerous others increased the band’s fanbase tremendously.

The entire filmed concert of their memorable Wacken show in 2010 was will now be added as bonus DVD of the limited edition of “To The End”. And here’s the link to the new masterpiece of the band again. What’s next? Looking forward to their European tour with Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY this fall!



AFM LP 389-1

AFM CD 389-2

AFM FBX 389-6

AFM CD 389-9

Release Date: 2012-10-26

Media: 2-Gatefold LP, CD, Ltd. Fanbox, Ltd. Digipak


ORDEN OGAN - The Things We Believe In

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