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Release : 2008-05-30

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Matthias "Metti" Zimmer:

vocals, guitar

Martin Buchwalter:


Björn Kluth:


Daniel Düring:


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„We don`t pierce asses, we crush them“, says the most delicate description about Perzonal War. 

Significantly it is a very fitting one as well. Compromises have never been something the guys from the area around Siegburg in Germany had to chase. Self confident they steer their massive and aggressive tank against every one who dares standing in their way.

And since they have come together in 1996 they get more and more self confident each day. Without losing their freshness and their humour the band undergoes a process of maturation that you can clearly hear on the new album „When Times Turn Red“. 


While the fellows from Siegburg had to read a lot of comparisons with Metallica with their first three albums „The Inside“, „Newtimechaos“ and „Different But The Same“, they have now found their very own identity.

Without changing Metti `s powerful voice or the straight and brutal guitar sound – things that have always been a quality trademark of the band -  Perzonal War could gain their very own character. Having started this development with the last release “Faces” already, the new album now is a clear proof of how far the band could go. 


Red has always been a symbol for pur energy, for exploding aggressions and for power. And red also is the (not only) symbolic trademark that leads through the album. The music Perzonal War blow your ears on it is everything but the work of a band that can `t stand the pressure. The critical watching from the world outside could not break them down, they show once more that they can still improve.

 „When Times Turn Red“ is a work that has been made of boiling hot metal. Just like hot lava it flows and makes its way that no one is able to stop anymore. 

With a band that once sounded similar to Metallica it has nothing to do anymoe for sure. Perzonal War impress with their very own face, their very own flair.


With „When Times Turn Red“ the guys around singer Metti are about to reform the metal scene and to establish themselves in it as a constant name. Accurate power and aggressive personality no longer belong to the old school heroes only.


Another interesting nuance the band sets with their highly artistic, crazy performance. You can see it in the video clip of the song „For The Last Time“: there you get to see the band in a confusing red room, in which you easily lose the overview. Who is really playing and who is just hanging from the ceiling?


No doubt about it – the times, when you ask Perzonal War, are, full of power and energy, painted in red. And they are, at the same time, full of this authentic “everything is possible”-attitude. So quickly switch all your clocks and calendars to red – it is Perzonal War `s time. 

Here a band comes that has grown to a big character, ready to influence the scene.

The times are promising a thunderstorm!


PERZONAL WAR - Bloodline

AFM CD 110-2

Release Date: 2008-05-30

Media: CD

PERZONAL WAR - When Times Turn Red

AFM CD 110-2

Release Date: 2005-11-21

Media: CD/ Ltd Digipak


AFM CD 080-2

Release Date: 2004-05-17

Media: CD


PERZONAL WAR - Different But The Same

AFM CD 059-2

Release Date: 2002-06-24

Media: CD



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