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The Voice Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta

The Voice Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta

Release : 2009-05-22

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Rob Rock is without a doubt not only one of the strongest and most charismatic singers of the scene, he is also one of the most diligent ones. Beside appearances in various projects like Avantasia, Warrior, Joshua and Driver, his solo albums like „Garden Of Chaos“, „Holy Hell“, "Eyes Of Eternity" and "Rage Of Creation" are a true treat for the ears. The fact that Rob Rock can also hold live the high standard of his albums, he proves now excellently on the DVD/CD "The Voice Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta". The name is program. Rob Rock´s amazing voice rules with infinite power. Rock´s show of the last year's Prog Power festival was the only one which was filmed completely.

“The Voice Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta” offers Rob Rock´s full Prog Power set of eleven dynamic songs which not only show a miraculous extract of the solo albums, they also re-awake the live atmosphere in our living rooms. The opener and title track of the last solo album „Garden Of Chaos“ shows immediately the power, quality and musical passion of Rob Rock.
The DVD/CD was produced by Ken Young and Rob Rock and was mixed by his guitarist CJ Grimmark. Beside the concert recording from Atlanta the DVD is filled with interesting bonus material like recordings of the festival CRN in Germany from the year 2000 and some concert cuttings which were used in 1996 particularly in Japan for the television commercials. On an exciting time trip it goes with the recordings of the club show in Rob Rock´s home region Springfield from 1991 as well as the cuttings of some rehearsals in 1987 in Torrance, California. On top you can find a biography with rare and new photos and all album covers from 1986 to 2009.
In the 80s Rob Rock began his career in the cover band "Vice", together with the guitarist Chris Impellitteri. Till the end of the 90s he published with him some more albums. However, at that time, in 1986, the M.A.R.S Project Driver catapulted him on top of the "Voices Of Melodic Metal". The album which Rock recorded together with Tony MacAlpine, Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge went down in history. The turn of the millennium also brought some changes for Rob Rock. His first solo album "Rage Of Creation" was released, with excellent resonances from the press and fans. Spurred on by this success three other albums called "Eyes of Eternity", „Holy Hell“ and „Garden Of Chaos“ followed till this day. The unexpected reunion of Driver as well as Impellitteri came last year. However, exactly this shows once more the power and the diversity of this magnificent singer.


ROB ROCK - The Vioce Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta

AFM CD 252-2

Release Date: 2009-05-22

Media: CD


ROB ROCK - The Vioce Of Melodic Metal - Live In Atlanta

AFM DCS 252-7

Release Date: 2009-05-22

Media: CD/ DVD Boxset

ROB ROCK - Garden Of Chaos

AFM CD 160-2

Release Date: 2007-09-21

Media: CD

ROB ROCK - Holy Hell

AFM CD 091-2

Release Date: 2011-04-08

Media: LP/CD





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