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2008: a mighty thunderbolt is shaking the ground.... the army of immortals is marching once again. ROSS THE BOSS is back!
Finally, twenty years after the classic “Kings Of Metal” that he has released with MANOWAR, Ross continues his legacy today with a true metal album that doesn´t deny his past and displays his charismatic style of creating great music. Imagine a basket of first class, stomping, ground shaking epic heavy metal in the style of “Battle Hymns”, “Into Glory Ride”, “Hail To England” and “Sign Of The Hammer” – this is exactly what you get here. The title says it all: the “NEW METAL LEADER” has arrived!!!
But it´s not just big words: Ross let´s the music do the talking. Tracks like “Blood Of Knives”, “God Of Dying” and “I Got The Right” would have been highlights even on Manowar´s glorious releases from 1982 – 1988. The battle shouts of “We Will Kill” haunt you to the day you die, the thrilling up tempo smasher “Death & Glory” and a goodtime-rocker like “May The Gods Be With You” then round off the whole spectrum of ROSS THE BOSS. Add to this the majestic epic tracks “God Of Dying” and “Immortal Son” (both in the tradition of eternal hymns like “Bridge Of Death” and “Guyana (Cult Of The Damned”), every fan of the early Manowar must be crying out in joy! It´s a pleasure to see that “the Boss” has resurfaced with an album that sees him and his band proudly wave the flag of true metal again. Your NEW METAL LEADER is here. Welcome back, Ross!

He is a legend of metal, the co-founder of Manowar, main songwriter on the early albums and guitarist: ROSS THE BOSS!
Ross left Manowar after the “Kings Of Metal” opus, while Manowar continued to record albums and tour the world. Nonetheless the name ROSS THE BOSS is cemented in the heads of every true metal warrior, thanks to his main influence on the timeless classics he has written.

2008: the sensation is here: ROSS THE BOSS is back! With a new band (consisting of member of the German power metallers Ivory Knight) and new songs in the vein of the alltime-classics he recorded with Manowar over 20 years ago!

Ross points out at any time that even though the band is named after him, it is a real band with each member having his share of the whole. Singer Patrick Fuchs is one of the biggest vocals talents the European metal scene has to offer and with his mates of Ivory Knight (bass player Carsten Kettering and drummer Matthias Mayer) he also ran the Manowar cover band “Men Of War”. For a headlining performance at the “Keep It True” festival they teamed up with their legendary idol, ROSS THE BOSS. Instantly magic was in the air. Both Ross and Ivory Knight felt that the chemistry was great, so they thought about a collaboration. After touring together extensively now the first studio record of this new band is ready to see the light of day: “New Metal Leader”. Ross is back right where he left off, but with a new, exciting band. “New Metal Leader” will amaze every fan of the early Manowar. Produced by Tarek Maghary (Majesty) and mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler (Sinner, Primal Fear) it carries the spirit of “Battle Hymns”, “Hail To England” and “Sign Of The Hammer” to the year 2008.

All hail the NEW METAL LEADER!


ROSS THE BOSS - New Metal Leader

AFM LP  290-1

AFM CD 290-2

AFM CD 290-9

Release Date: 2010-10-29

Media: LP/ CD/ Ltd. Digipak



ROSS THE BOSS - New Metal Leader

AFM LP  213-1

AFM CD 213-2

AFM CD 213-9

Release Date: 2008-08-22

Media: LP/ CD/ Ltd. Digipak



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