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High Noon

High Noon

Release : 2016-01-29

Media :
Ltd. Digipak, Gatefold Black 2-Vinyl, Ltd. Boxset


Mark Fox:

Thom Blunier:

Thomas Muster:

Dominik Pfister:

Roger Tanner:

SHAKRA and Mark Fox reunited!


Finally there’s official news from the SHAKRA camp: The fox is on the run again - Mark Fox is back together with SHAKRA!

Chris von Rohr said the following after former singer John Prakesh left the band in early 2014: “Let’s bring back together what belongs together”.

That being said, it took a while till the early disputes had been put aside but in late summer of 2014 it was clear to everyone that it’s time to do it again!


Since that point of time, the whole band shed blood, sweat and tears to finish their new album “High Noon” which will be out on January 29th 2016.

SHAKRA have signed with Universal Music for Switzerland while AFM will continue to release the album in the rest of the world.


With the first new single and video  “Hello”, a typical SHAKRA-style rock song,  Mark Fox and SHAKRA  say HELLO to old and new fans. Welcome to the party!

Shakra - High Noon

Release Date: 2016-01-29


AFM 545-9   Ltd. Digipak

AFM 545-1   Gatefold Black 2-Vinyl

AFM 545-6   Ltd. Boxset

SHAKRA - 33 - The Best Of

AFM 506-3

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AFM 512-2

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AFM 441-2

AFM 441-9

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AFM CD 342-2

AFM CD 342-9

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AFM CD 237-2

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AFM SG 237-5

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Media: Digitally only.


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AFM CD 145-2

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SHAKRA - My Life, My World

AFM CD 120-7

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SHAKRA - Moving Force - ReRelease

AFM CD 116-2

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SHAKRA - Powerride - ReRelease

AFM CD 114-2

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SHAKRA - Rising - ReRelease

AFM CD 118-2

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SHAKRA - Shakra - ReRelease

AFM CD 112-2

Release Date: 2005-11-11

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AFM CD 098-2

AFM CD 098-9

Release Date: 2005-09-30

Media: CD/ Ltd. Digipak



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