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Master Creator

Master Creator

Release : 2016-02-26

Media :
CD Digipak, Gatefold Gold Vinyl


Herbie Langhans:


Flo Laurin:

guitars, keyboard

Alexander Schulz:


Frederik Ehmke:




A new force is rising in German metal: SINBREED deliver fresh blood to the scene with their uncompromising, melodic power/speed metal. It’s obvious that we witness masters at work here: Blind Guardian members Marcus Siepen and Frederik Ehmke are also part of SINBREED’s line-up; vocalist Herbie Langhans - whose powerful, rough but at the same time melodic voice fits this style of music perfectly -  is known o.a. from his former band Seventh Avenue.
„Shadows“ is the band’s second album, and their first for AFM. SINBREED deliver fast-paced, catchy Metal that works perfectly without the use of keyboards.


As with the debut “When Worlds Collide”, mix and mastering was handled by the experienced producer Markus Teske who worked with Symphony X, Vanden Plas, Neal Morse, Saga and many more. His powerful, clear sound is the icing on the cake and so tracks like „Call To Arms“, the gritty title song or classic melodic speed tracks like „Reborn“ shine in the best of ways.


For the first single „Bleed“ a video clip was filmed in January this year, directed by Rainer “Zipp” Fräntzen (Dimmu Borgir, Orden Ogan).

 „Since the release of our debut almost 4 years ago we’ve grown as a team and became a real band. It was fantastic to receive such a positive feedback and the very young band we were even to be able to play festivals - even in the US”, says band leader/guitarist Flo Laurin. „Of course we are all very motivated, and with the addition of Marcus Siepen to our line-up and our new record label, we can’t wait to unleash „Shadows“.

Around 2008, after a period of finding, things got interesting for SINBREED. A constant line-.up was found and just the year after, the band signed deal with Ulterium Records, who released the SINBREED debut album „When Worlds Collide“ in 2010. Journalists and fans equally were impressed by the new band that even got offers to play the US, Spain and The Netherlands right away.
Almost four years later (and meanwhile joined by Marcus Siepen as additional guitar player) finally the highly-anticipated second SINBREED album, titled „Shadows“, will see the light of day.

Sinbreed - Master Creator

Release Date: 2016-02-26


CD Digipak   AFM 542-9

Gatefold Gold Vinyl  AFM 542-1

SINBREED - Shadows

AFM 479-9

AFM 479-1

AFM 479-11

Release Date: 2014-March-28

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AFM 479-5

Release Date: 2014- February-28

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