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Realms Of Odoric

Realms Of Odoric

Release : 2016-05-20

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guitar, vocals, keys, banjo








2016-06-03 DE Siegen

2016-06-04 DE Erfurt

2016-06-18 DE Gardelegen

2016-07-14 DE Neukirchen Vluyn

2016-08-27 CH Zürich

2016-10-01 DE Darmstadt

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SUIDAKRA will release their 12th studio album „Realms Of Odoric“ three years after their last output, on May 20th.

The band wasn’t lazy in the last three years though, they played Heidenfest, did a US tour together with Overkill, and toured in Brasil and even in India.

The 13 songs on „Realms Of Odoric“ mark the longest album in band history so far.

With regards to content, this time the lyrical theme is not based on historical facts, but on a made up fantasy world, created by artist Kris Verwimp, which led to an artistic collaboration with SuidAkrA singer Arkadius Antonik and Kris three years ago already. The result back then was the artwork/soundtrack project of the same name „Realms Of Odoric“. It was more about the actual happenings in the fantasy world but not particularly about the characters. This time it’s all about the characters, their personalities and what they think and feel.

Many of the former musical themes of the soundtrack project are now transposed in a heavy, bombastic Metal frame where Melodic Death Metal is mixed with traditional Heavy Metal and Celtic Folk elements.

Of course „Realms Of Odoric“ will be presented with an extensive epic artwork. Again, Kris Verwimp was in charge of the overall visual concept.

„Realms Of Odoric“, like the previous six SuidAkrA albums, was recorded at the Gernhart Studio (Destruction, Perzonal War, Architects Of Chaos) in Troisdorf/Germany with producer Martin Buchwalter.

Guest musicians are Tina Stabel (vocals), Axel Römer (pipes), Matthias Zimmer (vocals, Perzonal War), Sascha Aßbach (vocals, Fall Of Carthage).

Suidakra - Realms Of Odoric

Release Date: 2016-05-20

Format: Digipak  AFM 569-9

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