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Emprise To Avalon

Emprise To Avalon

Release : 2014-07-25

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guitar, vocals, keys, banjo







SUIDAKRA's pioneering work in the metal scene is without equal. Even before terms like "Pagan" became well known in musical circles, SUIDAKRA had played and evolved that sound, their unique blend of melodic death metal, traditional heavy metal influences and Celtic folk elements a source of inspiration for a whole load of young bands…

SUIDAKRA themselves now soldier on determined to keep fresh, but they should now understand just how determined and huge their loyal fan base is: after the release of their latest album "Book Of Dowth" (2011), tours in Europe, USA, India and China led the band, centered on front man Arkadius, nearly once around the world, and the band has played to fans in all continents of the earth.

That SUIDAKRA are still true to their roots but also developing, will be unmistakably clear once you listen to the new album, "Eternal Defiance”.

On the one hand, they’ve again worked with the proven team at Gernhart Studio (a.o. Destruction) and also continued working with Tina Stabel (female vocals) and Kris Verwimp (story concept, cover art and illustrations), but both were involved more than ever before; Stabel (like piper Axel Römer) even contributing to songwriting, whilst Kris Verwimp supplied the lyrical concept of "Eternal Defiance", based on the history and mythology of the Welsh story "The Dream of Macsen Wledig". His illustrations then support the story perfectly, and the booklet developed into a comic.

The concept story itself was the perfect template for SUIDAKRA main songwriter Arkadius. Bandleader for many years now, Arkadius has had an interest in epic movie soundtracks since day one. So, enriching the sound of SUIDAKRA with orchestral sounds and arrangements for "Eternal Defiance" was an easy decision. Whoever thinks that the usual heaviness of SUIDAKRA would disappear under the weight of this orchestration though, will surely be proved wrong: "Eternal Defiance" is the perfect blend of haunting melodies, epic moments, heavy sound and full-on emotion.

After all their many, many releases, SUIDAKRA again still reveal new aspects to themselves, even reinventing themselves. The new album is full of songs full of intense heaviness - as we know it would be. But, it clearly shows how much skill and passion has gone into the making of "Eternal Defiance". While other concept albums only work in their entirety, SUIDAKRA again have taken the greatest care to ensure that all these songs work individually and can stand on their own. Mission accomplished.

SUIDAKRA - Emprise To Avalon

AFM 513-2

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