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Von Leere und Tod

Von Leere und Tod

Release : 2012-06-15

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Travos - Vocals, Guitars

Velsir - Vocals, Guitars

Berucas - Bass

Keltor Vocals, Drums


THORMESIS is a German Pagan Black Metal band from Rothenburg/Tauber (Bavaria).

Their equal vision to found a heathenish band, brought together Konstantin Krüger (alias Travos - vocals, guitar), Andreas Bauer (alias Keltor - drums, vocals) and Johannes Landgraf (alias Hagolt - bass) in Summer 2006 – THORMESIS was born.

In April 2007 Markus Hanna (Berucas) joined the band as their second bass player. After first demo recordings in September 2007, Benjamin Rupp (Velsir) joined the band as second guitarist. Bassist Hagolt shortly after left the band, before THORMESIS started recording their debut album „Gehet Hin Und Kämpfet“, that was released on their own in early 2008.

On numerous live shows right after, THORMESIS shared stages with bands like Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Fiddlers Green, J.B.O. or Black Messiah.

In October 2009 the band signed their first label deal with German label Düsterwald Produktionen to release their official debut album "Vergangene Asche" in Januar 2010. The very same year saw THORMESIS perform at Germany’s biggest Pagan Metal festival (Ragnarök) and numerous  other events to increase their popularity.

2012: THORMESIS  have finished recordings for their new album "Von Leere Und Tod" (transl. = “Of Emptiness And Death”). It comes up with the intensity of a nightmare that came to life, but full of artistic ideas. After refining their  concept, THORMESIS have found their sound now and display their strengths in the best of ways.

"Von Leere Und Tod" is the band’s best album so far, and you can be sure that this still young band will amaze the fans of black-and pagan metal all over the world now.

THORMESIS - Von Leere und Tod

AFM CD 408-2

Release Date: 2012-06-15

Media: CD


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