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The Black Wild Yonder

The Black Wild Yonder

Release : 2014-02-28

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Alexander Otto:


Erik Gaßmus:

lead guitars

Henrik Tschierschky:

rhythm guitars

Konstantin Voßhoff:


Tristan Wegner:


Leo Wichmann:

keys, ambient

WORDS OF FAREWELL are one of the most talented metal acts to emerge from Germany within the last years. After the critically-acclaimed “Immersion” (2011), the band now returns with “The Black Wild Yonder” and delivers incredible improvements in all areas. Breaking the boundaries of what some still describe as “Melodic Death Metal”, WORDS OF FAREWELL’s sound is much more atmospheric, varied and emotional to fit this alcove. “The Black Wild Yonder” is a real treat for all fans of Dark Tranquillity, Insomnium, Scar Symmetry, In Flames or Mors Principium Est. Also it continues the band’s journey with a unique, honest feel.


The band formed in the German Ruhr District in early 2007. After four months of rehearsing, the 7-track EP 'Ashes of the Coming Dawn' was recorded and published in a quantity of 500 units.

In autumn 2008 the 4-track CD 'From Now On...' was pressed in limited numbers to be sent out to record labels and venues, sold at live concerts and additionally offered as free download.

Furthermore, the second sampler of the 'European Underground Extreme Metal Front" featured the track "In Fiction'.


From June to December 2010, the band entered Metallurgy Studios, Mönchengladbach, where the debut album “Immersion” was produced. Taken from this production, the song 'Sorae' was uploaded to various internet platforms and spread the word about this outstanding young band.

In late Summer 2011, WORDS OF FAREWELL signed with AFM Records and released “Immersion” worldwide. Countless reviews from both national and international critiques awarded the album very high marks.

Bigger shows and festivals followed, e.g. as direct support for DARK TRANQUILLITY and SCAR SYMMETRY.


After achieving first success with “Immersion”, the band started working hard on the successor. From July to November 2013, WORDS OF FAREWELL produced their second studio album “The Black Wild Yonder” - once again at Metallurgy Studios.

On the new album, the band presents a huge progression, a more grown-up and refined songwriting. The technical-progressive style is maintained without losing the complexity and playfulness in guitars and keyboards that has been developed on “Immersion”.



WORDS OF FAREWELL - The Black Wild Yonder

AFM 448-2

Release Date: 2014-February-28

Media: CD


AFM CD 404-2

Release Date: 2012-03-30

Media: CD

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