LORDI - Scare Force One - October 31st 2014 - Brand new studio album of the Finnish shock rock legends LORDIKORZUS - Legion - October 24th 2014 - Outstanding thrash from one of South America's mot popular metal acts!TRIOSPHERE - The Heart Of The Matter - November 7th 2014 - Powerful, honest, diverse and soulful - Norway's TRIOSPHERE deliver their masterpiece!BLOODBOUND - Stormborn - November 21st 2014 - MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - Dawn Of The 5th Era - December 5th 2014 - Melodic Death Metal from FinlandEVERGREY - Hymns For The Broken - September 26th 2014 - The new studio album in best EVERGREY tradition: heavy riffs, intelligent arrangements and Tom Englunds unique and outstanding voice make this new concept album to the trip of your dreams! Mix and Mastering: Jacob HansenLYRIEL - Skin And Bones - Sept. 26, 2014 - LYRIEL - the band’s name already implies that lyrics are very important on the new studio album “Skin And Bones” (2014) for this German outfit.KISSIN' DYNAMITE - Megalomania - September 5th 2014 - Germany's Rising Force! Metal 2.0!J.B.O. - Nur Die Besten Werden Alt - August 15th 2014 - The well known German 'fun-metallers' J.B.O. celebrate their 25th band anniversary with the release of their 10th studio album! Happy Anniversary!EMIL BULLS - Sacrifice To Venus - August 8th 2014 - Imperious, energetic, atmospheric but also melodic and emotional - this is the sound of the new album!
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