“Unscarred” Video veröffentlicht / Tamàs ist zurück!

Gute Neuigkeiten von EKTOMORF: der neue Videoclip zu „Unscarred“ ist fertig! Und mehr noch: aus dem Band-Camp wird eine Umbesetzung gemeldet.

Bandboss Zoli Farkas gibt Auskunft:

“Sadly Mike had to quit for family reasons. It was a great time with him playing music and we are still friends. There’s no bad blood between us at all. I had the intention to call Tamàs (Schrottner), our previous guitar player, again after two years. We had a great fucking talk the very next day. He joined us on the “Unscarred” video shoot and now Tamàs is back in the band. We had a killer rehearsal and we are ready to kick asses on the “Black Flag” tour ! See ya all soon!”

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