Eden's Curse:

EDEN´S CURSE sind wieder komplett! Alessandro Del Veccio (Edge Of Forever/Moonstone Project) heißt der neue Mann am Keyboard, der Ferdy Doernberg ersetzt.
Alessandro hats chon mit großen Namen der Szene (u.a. Glenn Hughes, Ian Paice und Andre Matos) gearbeitet und ist manchen sicher auch von seinen Bands Edge Of Forever und Moonstone Project ein Begriff.

Frontman Michael Eden kommentiert: "When one door closes another opens. With that said The Curse opens the door for our newest member Alessandro Del Vecchio. Ale is the kind of guy that will be a team player and do things with a positive force so we can charge ahead and get more shows lined up and the next studio album underway! The Curse never sold the hot-rod! We just changed the grease under the hood and added a bit of chrome!! See ya on the road and beyond!!".

Bassist and songwriter Paul Logue fügt hinzu: "Ale's not only blew us away with his enthusiasm and keyboard skills, but he's also a fabulous singer and songwriter. Anyone that can bring that much talent, not to mention hair, to the table is welcome in the team. Mark II is alive baby!".

Mehr über Alessandro findet ihr auf seiner Myspace-Seite:

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