Melodic Progressive Metal-Bandprojekt EPYSODE bei AFM!

AFM Records verkündet mit Freude die Vertragsunterzeichnung mit EPYSODE, dem neuen Melodic Progressive Metal-Bandprojekt von Samuel Arkan (Virus IV). Mit dem Debütalbum („Obsessions“) darf schon für Ende August gerechnet werden.
Bei EPYSODE handelt es sich um einen Zusammenschluss zahlreicher Spitzenmusiker des Genres, die unter der Federführung von Arkan ein ambitioniertes und hochklassiges, aber trotzdem zugängliches Album erschaffen haben.
Weitere Informationen werden in Kürze folgen.

Bandleader Samuel Arkan:

“"I'm very excited to announce to everyone that I signed with AFM Records for my new project EPYSODE! This label is the home of so many of the great bands I've loved throughout the years. I'm looking forward to working with the AFM team on this upcoming album, which will be called “Obsessions”. EPYSODE is a very special project to me. It can be described as a “supernatural thriller” concept album, which was composed & written by me. It's something very deep, a strong story with characters, clues & secrets behind, to involve the listeners into the adventure. With an amazing team of 5 musicians & 5 singers from the Progressive & Metal scene who were all involved in the creation of the album, the music of EPYSODE is intense and melodic, with lots of small nuances, emotional as well as high-energetic! Prepare to get lost in your “Obsessions”…”

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