„Firesoul“ Videoclip released!

German power metallers BRAINSTORM will release their new studio album „Firesoul” on April 4th. The video clip for the album’s title track is available now.

Guitarist Torsten Ihlenfeld comments:
„With the „Firesoul“ clip, we put our finger into the wound of hypocrisy. Before they cameras people act as bringers of peace but when the spotlight is turned off, they are campaigning for war. In the media hailed as benefactors, but in reality exploiting their own people.
That’s why we chose this "Praise the Lord and feed my pocket“-TV show scenery for the clip, because here it shows perfectly how the poorest and believing get ripped off while others benefit in a criminal way. But the message we want to give is: there is always a way out, no matter what. We all fall, but getting up again is the important.”

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