sign contract with AFM Records!

The middleages rockband TANZWUT signed a contract with AFM Records from Hamburg.


CEO Jochen Richert is delighted: “We know Teufel, Mastermind of TANZWUT, for many years and have also been working with him on a basis of trust. So it was a logical step to sign TANZWUT on AFM to make it possible to deepen the partnership. There is high creative potential that he can focus on now and therefore concentrate on the artistic work. Now we can exploit TANZWUTs full potential which we will do with much effort and time.”

Teufel also comments: “We are really looking forward to working with AFM Records and appreciate the big support in the implementation of our aims.”


The first record on their new label called “Eselsmesse” will  be released on June 6th 2014.


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