SINNER – Crash & Burn

Sinner are just working on the pre-production of their forthcoming album “Crash & Burn”. Nine songs are already written and a couple of more songs will follow in the next days. Mat Sinner reports: “I feel very good with the new Songs. I wrote some songs with Henny, but also my friends Igor Gianola (Udo) and Magnus Karlsson (Allen/Lande) came to my studio and wrote some great songs with me.”

Here are some songtitles of the upcoming Sinner album in advance: „Heart Of Darkness“, „Crash & Burn“, „Connection“, „Break The Silence“, „Revolution“, „Like A Rock“, „Unbreakable“, „One Night Only” and “The Dog”.

Henny Wolter: „I can promise a true-bred Sinner album without any gimmicks and I am looking forward to enter the studio with this great songs”.

The new album will be produced by Mat Sinner und Henny Wolter in the House Of Music studios with engineer Dennis Ward. The band will enter the studio in April 2008. Achim Köhler will do the Mix of „Crash & Burn“ in the Indiscreet Audio Studios. Katja Piolka will be responsible for the artwork.

The release date of the new Sinner album is scheduled for September, 19, 2008. An extended tour will follow.

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