The last tone is recorded, the rough mixes are done! The hard drive is delivered to Achim Koehler's studio were the mixes & mastering will be done in early May. We are very happy about the new songs, the vibe and we are sure you will like the album too! It was so much fun to record the album, you can see on a photo from the photo session with Katja Piolka. Thanks to Dennis, Alex Kilb & the House of Music crew for a great time!

We will decide now, which 11 songs will end up on the official album, which 2 songs will be our bonus tracks, the video clip and some cool ideas for a limited edition! Stay tuned for an update from the mixing session! “Crash & Burn” was produced by Mat Sinner & Henny Wolter, co-produced & engineered by Dennis Ward.

Drums: Klaus Sperling, Guitars: Henny Wolter & Christof Leim, Bass & Vocals: Mat Sinner plus backing vocals by Mat, Henny, Dennis Ward & Since Zero and finally some fabulous percussion by Dirty Sanchez!

AFM Records will release “Crash & Burn” worldwide on September 19th, 2008!

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