The final part of the recording saga of "Crash & Burn" was delivered to the record company over the weekend. The master of the Limited Edition, with two brandnew bonus tracks, the video clip for the song "Revolution" & the digipak desgin.

The final album contains 11 tracks and here's the tracklist:

1. Crash & Burn (Mat Sinner/Igor Gianloa)
2. Break The Silence (Mat Sinner/Igor Gianola)
3. The Dog (Mat Sinner/Henny Wolter)
4. Heart Of Darkness (Mat Sinner/Magnus Karlsson)
5. Revolution (Mat Sinner/Henny Wolter)
6. Unbreakable (Mat Sinner/Igor Gianola)
7. Fist To Face (Mat Sinner/Henny Wolter)
8. Until It Hurts (Mat Sinner/Henny Wolter)
9. Little Head (Butch Walker)
10. Connection (Mat Sinner/Henny Wolter)
11. Like A Rock (Mat Sinner/Henny Wolter/Tom Naumann)

The album was produced by Mat Sinner & Henny Wolter @ The House Of Music studios and aside of the band, there are guest appearances by Dirty Sanchez (percussion) and Dennis Ward (backing vocals & percussion). The Limited Edition will be delivered in a nice digipak and includes two bonus tracks "One Night Only" (written by Mat Sinner & Magnus Karlsson) and "Fast Decision 2008", yes THE Fast Decision - created under bizarre circumstances, as AFM Records A&R representant Markus & drummer Klaus forced Mat in the studio, to record a new version of the forgotten jewel again. Mat was irritated about their sick idea first, but after some shots of booze, Mat agreed to sing this song for one last time. Finally, we've added the funky video clip for the song "Revolution" to the Limited one.

The band is totally satisfied with the final outcome and the work & motivation of the entire team, incl. engineer Dennis Ward, mixer Achim Koehler & studio owner Alex Kilb! Mat thanks especially his writing partners Henny, Igor & Magnus for the friendship and the great tunes and to Klaus & Christof for the great vibe & rocking to the max!

Here are another three picture samples of the crazy clip for "Revolution" soon to be seen on our homepage! We will release the first single from the album "The Dog" for a FREE download soon and on our My Space pages with some more audio samples from the album!

AFM Records will release "Crash & Burn" on September 19th with a tour following asap to support the release!

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