Theatre of Tragedy:
Live 2-CD Tracklist!

On May 20 the final curtain will fall for one of the most influential gothic bands: THEATRE OF TRAGEDY. The Norwegian´s last release will be the live album “Last Curtain Call”, available as DVD+CD and 2-CD.
The bonus CD that comes along with the DVD will include 10 tracks while the 2-CD edition comes up with the following tracks:

CD 1:

01. Hide And Seek
02. Bring Forth Ye Shadow
03. Frozen
04. Ashes And Dreams
05. A Rose For The Dead
06. Fragment
07. And When He Falleth
08. Venus

CD 2:

01. Hollow
02. Storm
03. Image
04. A Hamlet For A Slothful Vassal
05. Fade
06. Machine
07. Der Tanz Der Schatten
08. Forever Is The World

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