Voodoo Circle:

AFM Records is very pleased to announce the signing of Alex Beyrodt´s VOODOO CIRCLE. Alex is well-known throughout the Rock & Metal scene as the mastermind of SILENT FORCE, former guitarist of SINNER and tour guitarist of PRIMAL FEAR. His exceptional compositions and instrumental skills secured him highest respect from other musicians and a strong worldwide fan base. In Japan, where quality is still the most important aspect when it comes to music, he is hailed as a “guitar hero” and fills the venues. Alex chose to walk in huge footsteps with VOODOO CIRCLE, because the immense impact and influence that bands like Rainbow and Deep Purple had, are undeniable. But if there is just one German musician who can fill this big boots and arouse with new energy, we definitely talk about Alex Beyrodt.
Not to forget, it needs a special kind of stage presence, charisma and the ability to “let the guitar do the talking”, so every listener can feel it deep down in his spine. Alex´ 60´s Strat guitar can give you exactly this - all in the tradition of the true heroes of Rock guitar.

Now Alex has founded a new band, that is deeply rooted in classic Hard Rock: VOODOO CIRCLE. The band´s name will soon be known for first class musicianship and the ability to evoke pure magic. Here we have Alex Beyrodt (guitars), David Readman on vocals, Mel Gaynor (drums), Mat Sinner (bass) and Jimmy Kresic on keyboards.

„The legendary bands of the 70´s raised their best song ideas in extensive jam sessions and they possessed the gift to express something through the music. Nowadays this spirit seems to got lost somehow. Now I follow this “ideal” with VOODOO CIRCLE. Back to vintage sounds, extensive jams of great musicians, sweaty live gigs and pure delight in playing.”
-Alex Beyrodt-

These are the bringers of the „voodoo vibes:

Alex Beyrodt (guitars) -Silent Force, ex-Sinner
David Readman (vocals) - Pink Cream 69
Mat Sinner (bass) - Sinner, Primal Fear
Mel Gaynor (drums) - Simple Minds, Gary Moore, Brian May
Jimmy Kresic (keyboards)

Guest appearances on the album:
Doogie White (Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen)
Rudi Sarzo (Ozzy, Dio, Whitesnake)
Norifumu Shima (Concerto Moon)
Richard Andersson (Majestic, Space Odyssey)

On December 4th the self-titled debut album wuill finally be available. Fans of the “old masters” like Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Yngwie Malmsteeen and Deep Purple, but also supporters of Silent Force, Pink Cream 69 and Sinner will be amazed by this Hard Rock jewel.

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