A few weeks ago we started a poll for the Debauchery fans to choose the content of the next record.

45% voted for a balanced mix of Rock and brutal Death Metal,
42% like the brutal stuff more and
13% would like to hear more Rock songs.

"Back In Blood" has been voted the most popular Debauchery record so far. The new CD will be entitled „Rockers And War“. It will be a two part Debauchery split CD based on the poll results.

I: The Debauchery part: “WAR” will contain 6 songs of uttermost brutality, blast beat, double bass etc. It will feature Tomasz Janiezewski, (ex-Belphegor) on drums and the new songs will push him to his limits. 280 bpm or more blast beat and the like.

II: The Blood God part: “ROCKERS” will contain 5 Hard Rock songs in the vein of AC/DC, Krokus and Guns'N'Roses. No blast beat, no double bass, just pure rock and groove.

We will enter the studio at the end of October. Co-Producer is Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69 / Krokus / Angra). Release date is April 2009. Most definitely „Rockers And War“ will come as a digi pack with bonus DVD including a "making of" and new video clip. We will keep you updated with a first song online in January and some studio footage soon.

Thanks to everybody who submitted their vote and see you on tour!

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